How a Brand New Agent Closed $2 Million in Real Estate His First Year | Coffee, Cards and Conversations S2 E2


Welcome to Episode 2 of Coffee, Cards, and Conversations Season 2!

I’ve known Dale Cochran for over 20 years. Back in the day, we worked with each other at the corporate headquarters of a multi-store outdoor specialty retailer. Dale was part of a 3-person IT department. Shortly after I joined the company, Dale left to run an IT department for a Houston-based oil & gas company. After he was laid off in 2016, he took a huge leap of faith and earned his real estate license.

Dale launched his real estate career in November of 2016. Back in October of 2017, we sat down at Conroe Coffee in historic downtown Conroe, Texas, to discuss why Dale credits greeting cards and relationship marketing for his extraordinary $2 million in closed business his first year as a real estate agent.

Brand New Real Estate Agent Closes $2 Million in Deals

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