V014 Skills to Increase Sales: Improv and Public Speaking with Javier Florez

“If you are a person who can get your message across, then you are a person of influence.” – Javier Florez, Public Relations Officer, District 56, Toastmasters International



Improvisation is an essential skill in sales, allowing you to think on your feet and respond quickly to objections. As cookie selling season is just around the corner in Southeast Texas, I asked Javier Flores, an accomplished professional improv actor and the current Public Relations Officer for District 56, Toastmasters International, to present a short improv workshop for my teen Girl Scout troop. It was great fun and educational.

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Improv Workshop with Javier Florez

After the workshop, I sat down with Javier for an imprompu interview on how improv and Toastmasters benefit business owners.

Improv teaches you to deliver your message effectively in any situation.

Toastmasters is a self-paced self-improvement vehicle that teaches effective communication and leadership – it’s a great fit for any business owner.



V013 Montgomery County Texas is a Cultural Petridish with Maria Banos Jordan

“The Latina woman is the center of her family.” – Maria Banos Jordan

Texas Familias Council offers community development programs in Montgomery County, Texas. President and Founder, Maria Banos Jordan shares the three major initiatives of the organization that is doing so much to help so many.  Learn more at http://TexasLatinoLeadership.com



Maria Banos JordanEarlier this year, it was my pleasure to offer a hands on public speaking workshop for one initiative, MCLatina’s, which promotes leadership in the Latina community.

Connect with Texas Familias Council:

Website:  http://TexasLatinoLeadership.com

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Texas-Familias-Council-Latino-Leadership-Roundtable/167868073268691


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V011 The 5 Essential Oils You Need in your Medicine Cabinet with Kelly Taylor

Kelly Taylor is a Certified Herbalist and Aromatherapist in Montgomery, Texas.  Her aromatherapy blends are available in her online store, Cassia Aromatics.

According to Kelly, the 5 oils you need in your medicine cabinet are:

  • Lavender
  • Tea Tree
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Grave Robber’s Blend

Watch the video to learn why.

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