The Night Before Christmas (SOC Style)

Simplify the Holidays

by Linda Farmer

‘Twas the month before Christmas and all through the land
the need to send cards was in high demand.
I sat with my boxed cards purchased two years before,
And I knew I’d be writing till my poor hands were sore.

The hubby was nestled all snug on the couch,
Writing cards,” not his thing”, it made him a grouch.
So I sat in my jammies, all prepared for the chore,
While hubby was sleeping and beginning to snore.

When out on the street there arose such a noise,
I jumped from my chair, totally lacking in poise
I ran to the door to find the commotion,
And there she stood, with a novel promotion.

Those boxed cards are cheesy and the price way too high,
What on earth were you thinking she said with a sigh.
Send Out Cards has the answer she said with a smile,
Doing them by hand, well that’s just old style!

We print, stuff, stamp and mail them with one simple click,
In a time that’s so fast it would rival St. Nick!
You can add your own writing and that sleeping guy’s too,
You can send gifts and gift cards and add pics of Aunt Sue.

She pulled out her laptop and in the blink of an eye
Logged on to her website and said, “give it a try”
I saw the selection and sent two free cards,
Impressed by the ease and the reasonable charge.

She said not a word and allowed me to play,
This Send Out Cards rocks, I could do this all day!
She said “my name’s Kandas, I’m your Send Out Cards girl
I knew you would love it, why not give it a whirl.”

She showed me my options, explained each to a tee,
And I knew how much easier this Yuletide would be.
And I heard her exclaim as she left in the night
“A new happy card sender, my job’s out-of-sight.”

V004 Jenny Siemonsma, Independent Mary Kay Director, Shares Her Secret to Success in Direct Sales

“The things we learn in corporate America are different than when you are working for yourself because you are no longer working to build a legacy or a lifestyle or a dream for someone else, it really becomes your own.”

Jenny Siemonsma is an Independent Mary Kay Director.  She was recently one of only 200 Mary Kay Directors to earn an all-expenses paid trip to China.  Watch as Jenny shares how she became so successful in her direct sales business.



Connect with Jenny Siemonsma online:

V003 Andie Ho, Professional French to English Translator finds the Solution to World Peace

Andie Ho, a professional French to English translator discusses why you need a professional translator, the difference between translation and interpretation plus her connection with math.  Andie even comes up with a simple solution towards World Peace at 1:21.



I first met Andie at a Toastmasters meeting and immediately connected with her. Seriously, I think we may have been sisters in a previous life.

Today is Andie’s birthday! Leave her a birthday wish in the comments below.

Andie Ho

On a more serious note, Andie Ho is a French-to-English translator specializing in Food, Cosmetics and Mathematics.  She earned an M.A. in French Translation from Kent State University, one of only a handful of translation degree programs in the United States.  Be sure to visit her website:

V002 Coffee Talk with Glenna Griffin and Tanya Lavoie

What do you say when you meet someone at a networking event? How do you grow your business networking? Listen to tips from business networking masters Travel Diva Glenna and Tanya Lavoie of Living In the Woodlands.

Travel Diva Glenna is the Queen of networking in The Woodlands, Texas. Tanya Lavoie runs a very large chapter of a national networking group in Magnolia, Texas. Both are well qualified to share best practices tips on the subject of business networking.

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