V019 Time Management Tips from The Busy Woman

In this special Coffee & Cards Conversation, Susie Glennan, THE Busy Woman, answers time management questions from 5 work at home moms.



The Questions:

Kim:  How do you self-motivate?

Reeshemah:  “Do you have a structure that could work for any WAHM?”

Cynthia:  “How do you continually shift from mom to work and back?”

Kerri:  “How do you get everything done you need to do everyday?”

Diane:  “How do you best juggle?”


Susie Glennan, Owner of The Busy Woman, Inc.

Susie Glennan, Owner of The Busy Woman, Inc.

Connect with Susie Glennan:


V018 Heather Tidwell of Epiphany Spa in Historic Downtown Conroe

“Many of my clients come to me because they are dealing with pain or stress in their life.” – Heather Tidwell

Heather Tidwell, Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Epiphany Spa at 213 N Thompson in historic Downtown Conroe, sits down with me for a Coffee & Cards Conversation about how her massage services are different and unique.  She is a woman with gratitude in her heart and expresses her appreciation openly.    You know what I say about gratitude, it’s like manure, you have to spread it around and then watch what sprouts!



IMG_0332Connect with Heather Tidwell

Book Online:  http://epiphanyspaconroe.com




One Stop Holiday Card Shop

Your holiday cards are as easy as 1… 2… 3….

Do everything in one place.

  • Mini photo session on location.
  • Pick your custom card design.
  • Your cards are printed and mailed to you… DONE!
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Requested Appointment Time?
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VIDEO: Is Your Sales Pitch Perfect?

Do you have trouble explaining to others exactly what it is you do or sell?

A perfect pitch will increase sales and referrals

Sharing your business concisely and “umm” free is as easy as 1, 2, 3.   Join us Saturday, November 23, 2013 for an intensive hands on interactive workshop and you will leave with your perfect sales pitch.

  • 2-Hour Hands on Workshop<
  • 1-Hour of networking and video filming
  • Craft the perfect pitch for your business in 30 seconds or 3 minutes.
  • Learn how to adjust your pitch to any length.
  • Tips on how to market your pitch videos
  • Includes a 30-Second Elevator Pitch Video with your URL on screen
  • Includes a 3-Minute Perfect Pitch Video with your URL on screen
  • Mary Kay Make Up Artist to assist with camera ready look
  • Minimum 4, Maximum 6 Participants
  • $299 $99/participant introductory pricing

“Kandas did a public speaking workshop with our young women at Lone Star College. I was very impressed. They connected with Kandas right away. A lot of them are very shy and introverted. Kandas brought out their voice, which is a big component of the MCLatina iniative – giving young Latina women their voice.” – Maria Banos Jordan, Texas Familias Council

Be a star

Just Say No To Spandex: How to Survive Winter in Southeast Texas | Video 17

Winters are harsh in Southeast Texas. The temperatures can get below freezing, at least once. The humidity dries up and our poor skin starts to dehydrate.  It’s too hot in the summer to go outside, but too cold in the winter to go out, too.  It rains during the winter, so our dogs refuse to go out to relieve themselves.  It is so hard to appreciate winter in Southeast Texas!

But wait! Watch this video!

  • Jenny Siemonsma shares the secret to soft hands in the winter.
  • Lynda Davies explains the best time to walk and wear spandex.
  • Leslie Guillermo offers winter pet safety advice.
  • Kandas Rodarte explains the secret to having more to appreciate.

The dish, the view, the talk… ain’t got nothing on the Conroe Coffee Talk Gals.



Connect with the Coffee Talk Gals:

Filmed Nov 14, 2013 at Conroe Coffee in historic downtown Conroe, Texas.

VIDEO: Highlights from the Houston SOC Road Tour with Steve Schultz

Steve Schultz, President of Field Operations, fired up the packed crowd at the Houston SendOutCards Road Tour on November 2, 2013. In case you missed it, or you just want to experience it again, we’ve condensed the 3 hour event into seven minutes for you.



Some key thoughts from the attendees:

“I signed up as a distributor because I knew there was going to be a web address on the back of the cards I sent and I wanted that URL to be mine.”

“I drove from San Antonio and it was worth it.”

“I cancelled plans to be here.”

“Let’s get to work.”

Earn Extra Cash for Christmas

I love the holidays because I’m in the greeting card and gift business!   It’s my busiest time of year!   A lot of folks like to shut down their businesses during the holidays.  I rock mine.

Phil Robbins, Ben Fitts, Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte at MLM Mastermind 8

Phil Robbins, Ben Fitts, Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte at MLM Mastermind 8

Speaking of Rockin’…  Sarah Robbins is a network marketing leader for a skin care company.  I enjoy reading her blogs and watching her videos because she is authentic.  She’s also a powerhouse in a petite body.  I heard her live at the MLM Mastermind 8 in 2012.   In fact, I had lunch with her husband, Phil.   Today, Sarah posted Put Some Jingle in Your Pocket  – Network Marketing Holiday Training to promote her upcoming webinar on the subject.  It’s a good read and I bet the webinar, which is open to anyone in any company, will be fantastic.

Money, Money, Money

Now, let’s chat about creating cash with greeting cards and gifts.

It’s all about having a plan, and rockin’ your plan.

1.  Make a list of everyone who sent you a holiday card last year.

2.  Create a Thanksgiving Card Campaign and send it to your list from Step 1 before November 20th.

3.  Watch the new 12 minute SendOutCards Business Presentation video.

4.  Schedule events.  Invite friends over to your house for “Caramels & Cards” and show the video!



5.    Plug into the webinars and live events your upline and crossline are hosting.  See a partial list here:  http://momgeek.com/holiday-soc-tutorials/

6.   Order the new Holiday Gift Guides.   Share them with the gift givers you know.

7.  Follow up with the folks from Step 1 and invite them to use the system you use to send holiday cards because it is simple and it saves TIME and MONEY.    Everyone wants to save time and money.

8.  Buy from yourself.  Give gifts from your own gift shop.  It’s easy and you don’t have to go to the mall.  Plus, you’ll have access to Black Friday specials on November 29th.  Click and ship, baby!

9.  Say it loud and proud.  Now is not the time to be a secret business owner.   You have a better way to send cards and gifts.  Tell everyone you know.

Have fun spending your extra cash!!