Cars and Cards are a Winning Combination for Ben Beeler | Podcast 005

“Time kills deals.” – Ben Beeler


Ben Beeler

Listen in as Ben Beeler, of Beeler Motorsports, takes us on the race track of his life, sharing his passion for motor racing, as well as, some unforeseen pit stops along the way. Find out how one greeting card changed his life, and meet the pit crew that kept him on track.

The founder of SendOutCards, Kody Bateman (aka Kody B.) often asserts that “you can be from Yale, or you can be from jail” and find success in network marketing.  Ben shares the choices he made that landed him in federal prison.  His powerful story is one of redemption and gratitude.

From Checkered Past to Checkered Flags

Kandas:  Sum up your business in three sentences or less.

Ben:  Beeler Motorsports is a full service high performance and racing shop, there is nothing we can’t or won’t do! Beeler Motorsports is also a auto dealership that sells used cars. We also can locate you specific vehicle of your dreams. there is no car that we cannot get! Soc Nation is our race team, which we use to spread our SendOutCards business to racers, race fans, tracks and marketing partners.

Kandas:  Why did you chose to start your business?

Ben:  I chose to start my auto dealership after working at car dealerships for over 10 years and only getting 30% of the money I made them. I chose to use SendOutCards as a business during the Detroit Treat’em Right Seminar in 2012 while listening to Kody B. speak.

2013-06-02 16.27.21

Kandas, Ben & Becky

Kandas:  Where do you find inspiration?

Ben:  My inspiration all comes from my heart. I’m doing the things I LOVE to do… I don’t know how else to really put it in words.

Kandas:  What makes you different from other people in your industry?

Ben:  I’m different from others in my industry due to my background and what I’ve went through in my life. In the past, I made lots of bad decisions that led me down a path that didn’t have good results. I’ve learned “the hard way” and have proved nothing can stop me when I want something. I know what it’s like to hurt in every area of your life all at the same time and that helps me relate to everyone no matter what their circumstances. I stand behind my work and I’m loyal.

Ben:  Juggling work and family is hard because I work so much, but it helps that my whole family and close friends are all involved with SendOutCards, and supporters and fans of our race team.   This involves everybody and considered family time, to me at least.  My wife might only agree with that sometimes.


Team SOC Nation

Kandas:   Share three tips you would give to people who are considering starting a business in your industry.

Ben:   #1 – start and NEVER quit. we all have slow and down times…. just don’t ever quit! #2 – “Time Kills Deals” is my motto…. I believe this statement to be true 99% of the time in ALL areas of life… #3 – go back to step # 1 and repeat.

Kandas:   How have you grown as a person since starting your company?

Ben:   Since starting my company, I’ve grown tremendously… personally, which has transpired more success into my businesses.

SOC Nation Car

SOC Nation Car

Kandas:  Who do you appreciate?

Ben:  I’m thankful for God most. Then my parents and sisters. They stuck by me when they probably shouldn’t have… and without them I would of never made it through the things I did. I’m also very thankful for my wife and kids. I’m very blessed to have a “HOT” wife that is fun and also keeps me in line. My kids are just amazing. I also appreciate Kody B. soooo much. He has helped me and had my back since the day we met. He also has helped give us a system to change this world, and I really love seeing this happen from the front row. I appreciate my racing team and marketing partners. Racing is a full time job in itself if you want to be successful.

Grateful Thoughts

Your actions, however small, can make a giant ripple in the pond of life. You might never know what effect your actions have … just keep tossing those pebbles of kindness and gratitude into your pond and watch your ripples grow.

Connect with Ben Beeler


Facebook: SOC Nation Racing

Watch Ben share more about his journey into and out of federal prison:

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Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte

My First Time


Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte

Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte at the District 56 Toastmasters International 2012 Spring Conference

Everyone remembers their first time.

Mine was in May of 2012.

I was serving as an Area Governor for District 56 Toastmasters. Circumstance and hard work put me into the position that I was the first that year to achieve the recognition of President’s Distinguished Area Governor. I was also asked to serve as Toastmaster of the District Tall Tales Contest and share my Toastmasters story during a District podcast.

I shared how standing on stage with Jack Canfield inspired me to join Toastmasters, plus the unexpected opportunities that resulted.  For example, being asked to lead a 3-day workshop for teens learning to “Speak Up” against drug and alcohol use.   As well as, providing a platform for my Girl Scout troop to develop their public speaking skills.

I also shared how Toastmasters helped me as a work at home mom by improving my ability to build rapport on the phone.  A skill that made me a better salesperson.  The biggest leadership lesson I learned from Toastmasters is to delegate and let go.

Here it is, my first podcast. My interview starts at about 15:00.

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3 Mistakes People Make When Following Up with Pamela McCown, DTM | Coffee & Cards Conversation #33

“What gets scheduled gets done.” – Pamela McCown

Pamela McCown is a Distinguished Toastmaster and Past International Director for Toastmasters International.  She is the first person who comes to mind when I think about organization and follow up.   In this Coffee & Cards Conversation, she share the top 3 mistakes people make when following up and how to fix them.



Pamela McCown Coffee and Cards #33

Kiss the Alarm Clock

I explain the elements of a great birthday card.  You know, you can send amazing birthday cards with SendOutCards.

Pamela answers these questions:

  1. You are well known for being an ambassador for Toastmasters International, tell us how you became a Toastmaster and something you’ve learned about yourself along the leadership journey.
  2.  Beyond Toastmasters, I know that you are working on a project called “KISS THE ALARM CLOCK.”  Tell us about it.
  3.  A statement we have heard you make is: “WHAT GETS SCHEDULED GETS DONE.”   How do you keep your schedule from becoming overloaded?

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Pamela can be found online at  and

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Coffee & Cards Conversations are filmed on location at Conroe Coffee in historic downtown Conroe, Texas.

Music by Brock Rodarte.

Produced by Shane Rodarte.

Send Out Flowers for Valentine’s Day


I’ve been married now for about 16 years to a great guy.

My husband Shane is creative, and supportive, and he sucks at Valentine’s Day.

I gave up hoping years ago. Now, February 14th is just another day, and I schedule my day accordingly. I am perfectly okay with it. What he lacks in romance, he makes up for in encouragement.

Heck, he produces my podcasts and videos. He has spent hours creating the artwork, formatting the templates, researching and purchasing equipment. Turning me into a “star,” as he says, has become his hobby.

Why fret if he doesn’t send me flowers?

If he ever DID want to send me flowers, he can now use SendOutCards. Introducing the new SendOutCards Garden:


Valentine’s Day Centerpiece


Celebrate your love and appreciation with the handpicked Valentine’s Day Centerpiece. This lovely arrangement is the perfect accent for a romantic date or dinner party. Featuring beautiful heart lily grass, a red rose, pink hyacinth, two light pink roses, folded red and green ti, dark pink mini cym, and star of Bethlehem.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Twelve fresh strawberries, picked at the peak of ripeness, covered with a delicious layer of white and milk chocolate. The fine art of chocolate dipped strawberries has been brought to you on a silver platter.

Succulent Garden


Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the perfect gifts, like our beautiful Succulent Garden. Succulents are known for retaining water and easily adapt to arid climates and soil conditions. Our striking Succulent Garden is unique and can be given as a birthday, thank you or housewarming gift.

Pretty in Pink Bouquet


Pink roses are said to be the most delicate of all roses, with their elegant beauty there is no match to the Pretty in Pink Bouquet. Send this beautiful bouquet today and take someone’s breath away.

SendOutCards really is your one stop shop for cards, gifts and flowers!

Remember Valentines

ONE Difference Between Average and Extraordinary Real Estate Success | Jay McHugh 004


Kandas and Jay McHugh

I often say that gratitude is like manure… it’s no use unless you spread it around. Spread it around enough and sow seeds of generosity and kindness, then a bountiful harvest will soon be yours for the reaping.

I know no one who spreads gratitude better than Jay McHugh.

Jay owns one of the largest Re/Max Real Estate brokerages in the world. With 15 offices in the greater Boston area, Jay maintains very low agent turn over.  He has a bounty of referral partners.  Satisfied clients continue to refer business years after their own home purchase.  Gratitude is that ONE difference between average and extraordinary success in Real Estate.

Jay attributes much of his success to appreciation marketing. Today, he is going to share his formula for growing a real estate brokerage with gratitude and TOMATO (Top of Mind Awareness Through Others).


Jay McHugh and Stacey Alcorn

My biggest take away from this conversation is to keep checking my rear view mirror. Touch base with your current customers often. Make sure they know how much you appreciate them! When you are out there looking for new business, it’s a happy client that will point you in the right direction.

Jay McHugh’s Favorite Books:

Connect with Jay McHugh:

Look 5 Years Younger and Get More Done V031

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This week’s “Coffee & Cards Conversation with Gratitude Geek” features 5 savvy business women from The Woodlands and Conroe, Texas. We chat about setting SMARTer goals in health and business, plus one simple thing you can do that will make you instantly look 5 years younger. It’s all good stuff, so watch.


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

Connect with the Coffee & Cards Conversationalists:

The Kindness Jar is available from SendOutCards gift store. For a free trial of this powerful online greeting card and gifting system call 936-718-7099 or visit my SendOutCards website and click “Send A Card.”

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“Don’t frown because your smile is what lighten up the world.”

003 Great Barrier Reef Fishing with Tara Thompson

“I will more than likely never be one of the boys and I’m completely OK with that. I’ve dealt with guys being threatened by me my whole life.   It takes a strong secure Man to be able to accept a woman doing the same job.” – Tara Thompson

Breaking Barriers

Tara Thompson is a maiden of the sea.  She holds her mariner captains license and three SCUBA instructor trainer certifications.  She is currently pursuing her passion as a deckhand on a recreational charter fishing vessel in Cairns Australia. In fact, she is the only female to ever complete 7 seasons of Giant Black Marlin fishing on the Great Barrier Reef.  Tara Thompson is truly swimming in the depths of a male dominated field.

Speaking of Fish:

989KANDAS:  Why do you do what you do??

TARA: I love the ocean and everything about it. Even at 3 yrs. old I knew I wanted to work on/in the water.

I’ve spent my whole life in, on, or under the ocean.

KANDAS:  Where do you find inspiration?

TARA: Always having men 2nd guessing my abilities and having them treat me as a novelty makes me strive harder.

KANDAS:  What makes you different?

TARA:  One of a handful of women who actually work alongside men in the fishing industry.

KANDAS:  For whom are you thankful?

TARA:  My father and grandfather both avid fishermen.

My grandfather was a commercial tuna/lobster fisherman out of Boston

KANDAS:  What are some of your favorite books?

TARA:  Tao of Pooh, Tales of Fishes by Zane Grey, Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway (I know very cliché.)


TARA:  Depends on what I’m doing season wise.

Light tackle days start around 5am and we fish for small stuff…. GT’s, little black marlin, reef fish

Long Lining is a whole completely different ball game.  It’s commercial fishing with little sleep.

Heavy tackle is full on. Your clients are usually living onboard, so you’re up till they go to sleep and your day starts before they wake up.

Fishing is a multi-facet job… the saying is “when it comes to fishing 10% is catching a fish the other 90% is about entertaining the clients.”

KANDAS:  What advise can you offer to women considering a sport fishing career?

TARA:  I would love to see more women actually out there working the decks. A lot of people (men) think what I do is about physical strength and yes that does play apart. But finesse and mental strength is involved as well.

Women within the “fishing Industry” are usually portrayed as Barbie dolls… Meaning they are there to wear bikinis, fetch beers, and make their rich boyfriends/husbands look good.

Only recently have I come across a few women who are chasing world records that are there solely to fish. More often than not it’s a lot of “look at me’s.”

If a female were to ask who to get into this business I would tell her to always be true to herself, if she wants to be taken seriously find a good Captain, learns as much as she can and quickly grow a thick skin.

KANDAS:  How have grown as a person since you started this journey?

TARA:  How I’ve grown in this business is I’ve finally (only recently) stopped 2nd guessing myself and my abilities. I no longer care what “the boy’s” think and I do realize that this is one of the last truly good ole boys clubs.

IMG_2129I will more than likely never be one of the boys and I’m completely OK with that. I’ve dealt with guys being threatened by me my whole life.   It takes a strong secure Man to be able to accept a woman doing the same job.

KANDAS:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

TARA:  Hopefully still doing what I do, although with a bit more time driving the boat.

KANDAS:  What else would you like to add?

YOU: Thank you and keep our oceans clean!!!!

Connect with Tara Thompson on Facebook.

Further Reading:

How to Make Money Doing What you Love by Tara Mullarkey

V030 Gratitude Geek Goes to Space City Con

Family Fun

Space City Con at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas is one of the smaller, better run “geek” conventions. In this video, filmed on January 4, 2013, I interview author Diana Botsford on the evolution of women in film, learns Amtgard style sword play, receives a rudimentary introduction to Warhammer 40K and plays a heated game of Heroscape.

Diana Dru Botsford co-wrote, Rascals, one of my top 5 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, where Picard, Keiko, Guinan and Ro Lauren are returned to their 12 year old bodies in a transporter incident.

Sporks taught me how to LARP (live action role play) the Amtgard way. Amtgard is a world-wide organization of role players. They play with padded weapons and authentic costumes.

Warhammer 20K is a table top war game played with models that are built and painted by the players. Cowboy Kenny hosts a podcast about game strategy called The Heroic 28s.

Heroscape is a ready to play board game by Hasbro that is no longer produced. It is still a blast to play. Lindsey Long hosts a bi-monthly game at 8th Dimension Comics & Games in Houston.


I highly recommend attending a Comic Convention at least once. It’s fun!

Be Who You Want to Be