3 Essential Oils for Breast Cancer Treatment | Battling Bertha 20 | #BlogBoost

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Right off the bat, you need to know that essential oils do NOT cure cancer.   However, I do use essentials oils to supplement my breast cancer treatments. 3 Essential Oils for Breast Cancer Treatment Kelly Taylor, certified Herbalist and Aromatherapist, has been a wealth of information and I highly recommend the certified pure essential oils …

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Finding Blog Post Inspiration | Hope, Strength & Courage, Pink Ribbon Bracelet | Battling Bertha 19 | #BlogBoost

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Today is day twelve of my 31 day Ultimate Blog Challenge. I feel like I have been pumping out the blog posts. At one point, I had two scheduled to post on their own, and on the proper day. While I have several epic posts brewing about aromatherapy, wigs and sex after breast cancer, I …

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Coping with Emotions During Radiation Therapy | Battling Bertha 18 | #BlogBoost

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For me, radiation therapy is the most difficult of my cancer treatments.  It doesn’t hurt physically.  It is over rather quickly.  If you close your eyes, you barely know it is happening. Oh, but the emotions! Emotions During Radiation Therapy If you have breast cancer and will be receiving radiation therapy as part of your …

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