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Gary Valmain answers “How to Keep My Computer Safe on the Internet” | podcast 35

Gary Valmain is considered by many to be the foremost expert on desktop computers in Montgomery County, Texas. His company, Computerwurks, has been helping businesses and individuals with desktop computer support since 1999.   In this podcast episode, Gary shares his tips for keeping your personal computer safe and running smoothly. Show 35 Quick Guide The average person should hire a professional to set up their new Windows 8 computer. Internet Explorer has serious security flaws. Chrome is becoming too bloated […]

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Following Up with Leads | podcast episode 34

  Show 34 Quick Guide   Kody Bateman’s tips for mastering relationships in business: Make a list of everyone you know and put them in a contact manager. Categorize your list into 3 categories: 1) contacts 2) prospects 3) customers Always add people to your list and move them through the 3 categories. Take detailed notes on all of your contacts. Reach out in the spirit of RELATIONSHIP 80% of the time and in the spirit of MARKETING 20% of the […]

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Relationship Marketing on Facebook | podcast episode 33

Show 33 Quick Guide What is relationship marketing and why do you need it? My 3 rules for relationship marketing (see this post for the list). Squeaky chair! Mexican food is different in Texas than in California. Doing business good ole boy style. Waking up at 10 am. You can do anything you want if you have the ability to build relationships and credibility. Everybody is in sales.  Teachers sell the idea of learning to their students.  Chemists sell their research […]

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