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Marketing with Color | Brand Colors Infographic Plus a Nostalgic Video

Did you know the color of your logo is just as significant as the design? Personally, until I found this brand colors infographic about marketing with color, I never really thought about the significance of the color of my own logos.  I just picked colors I liked. Turns out I done good. The logo for my custom furniture business is brown, a color associated with durability and simplicity.  Our furniture designs are based on Shaker furniture and built to last for […]

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5 Ingredient Apple Pie Recipe

Happy Independence Day America! We plan to celebrate the 4th with our friends, the Davies, from across the pond.  Yes, we are celebrating America’s independence from the British with some British folks. My BFF Lynda Davies is a personal fitness trainer.  You’ve met her here a few times.  We split the menu.  I’m bringing good ole American standards:  macaroni salad, apple pie, guacamole and chips.  Lynda is making some good English standards: sausage rolls and fish tarts, or something like that. It’s […]

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Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Gives $32 Billion to Empower Women and Eradicate Disease

I’d like to give a moment of gratitude to Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia who announced earlier this week he is giving away $32 billion, his entire fortune, to charitable causes. Among other things, the money will be used to: bring electricity to rural villages eradicate disease build orphanages and schools promote women’s literacy teach women how to run for local office “Early in my life I had a dream that I have always hoped to realize. I […]

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Can You Really Make Money from a Greeting Card App? | Infographic

Full disclosure:  I rarely ever do this, so bear with me.  I’m about to start typing about my favorite side hustle. I promise to keep it short but I DO make money from a greeting card app. Not only do I make money, I have fun, plus I make people feel good. Last Tuesday, during a weekly networking meeting, I took an ussie with Pat, the owner of a local publication, and in less than 60 seconds I uploaded the […]

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What is My Purpose? | Infographic

Ask any kid:  “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and they will give you an answer.  Go ahead, find a kid and ask them.  Test my hypothesis. Ask most adults:  “What is your purpose?” and you’ll be met with dead silence and blank stares.  Try it!  Let me know if I’m right. “What’s my purpose?”  It’s the ultimate question. Fortunately, finding the answer is easier than you may think.  Ask yourself 4 simple questions and unlock […]

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