Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Spirit Within Me

Yoga is an ancient form of meditation and exercise.  It has been practiced for 6 thousand years. Yoga teaches mindfulness using breath, stillness and movement. When I am feeling up  to it, I attend a special survivors yoga class that is offered weekly in my community. I’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years.  Practice is exactly the correct word to describe a yoga session.  The act of breathing while holding even the easiest pose for 60 seconds is a lesson […]

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Interview with Sagan Morrow, Freelance Coach

Sagan Morrow is an author, lifestyle blogger, and freelance coach, based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Describe your work. I’m a professional lifestyle blogger, blogging about topics related to food & fitness, style & beauty, writing & business, feminism & social issues, and healthy living. A major part of my business is that I teach new freelancers how to achieve success in their own freelancing businesses — after freelancing for 8 years myself, it’s wonderful to be able to help […]

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