30 Women Who Mean Business Wrap Up

Back in April of 2015 I had this crazy notion that I could gather and publish 30 interviews with women business owners in 30 days and I was going to call it, wait for it, “30 Women Who Mean Business”.  At the time, I had…

Bossy Girls Grow up to Be Leaders

Bossy Girls Grow Up to Be Leaders

I will never forget the day Keith Carlson told me our 7th grade Home Economics teacher said I was a bossy girl. We were sitting in our assigned “kitchenette” and I became indignant. That moment could have changed me. It might have crushed my confidence….

Why Do You Blog?

Forward:  When I started typing this article, I had no idea where it was going to take me.  Sometimes words just flow from your fingers and you can’t stop them.  My fingers just typed with a clarity of purpose I have not felt in months….

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Donny and Diamond Hunter

Showering a Mourning Family with a Card Flurry

“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” – Tennessee Williams A “Card Flurry™” is a movement and so far over a thousand people are participating.  The idea is to send a hero, or someone suffering from a great tragedy, a flurry of greeting…

Glenna Griffin has a travel lifestyle

How to have a Travel Lifestyle with Glenna Griffin

Glenna Griffin is a travel consultant with WorldVentures who teaches ordinary people how to have a travel lifestyle. Note:  Glenna and I go way back.  She was one of the first women I connected with when I left my home office and started networking.  Check out…

Hanging Out for a Living

The Art of Hanging Out for a Living

“Doing business is a game, the greatest game in the world if you know how to play it.” – Thomas Watson The best way to learn how to play the game of business is to study.  So, I read listen to a lot of business…

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Today Was A Good Day Happy New Year 2017! I spent the morning with my dear friend, Anise, and her two boys.  Anise is the author of There Are Seven Houses on My Street: A Child’s View on Religions, you should totally check it out….