Renu Agrawal, founder of ReNu Your Life, LLC, is an energy healer and certified holistic health coach.  Renu is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. 

We met several years ago when she visited my Toastmasters group.  Renu only attended one meeting, but we stayed in contact, and over time have developed a very strong friendship.  I very much admire her wit, and her willingness to learn, try new things, and grow.  She is generous, good-natured, and an amazing healer.

Learning from Failure

Renu has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years.  She shares how the Law of Attraction hindered her marketing efforts.

My biggest failure was in marketing when I opened a healing center in Connecticut in 2003 with a friend. We both were really good in our skills as healers but had no idea about marketing. We engaged a PR person, we gave out ads in local magazines (FB and social media were not as commonly used in 2003 – 2008), we participated in wellness fairs, etc. but we couldn’t even break even in 5 years.

What I learned as a result:

1. Stress pushes people away (the more we got desperate the more people didn’t show up)

2. We loved our “business” of healing and helping people but didn’t like sales and marketing. We were beating ourselves up for not being good in sales and marketing – now I know the Law of Attraction was fulfilling what we were thinking all the time.

3. The biggest thing I learned was what “not” to do in sales and marketing 🙂

Your Turn

What about you?  Have you ever failed?  What did you learn?



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