3 Tips to Stay Off Facebook So You Can Work on Your Business


If your social media posts are lacking engagement, you could be posting too much, according to nutrition business blogger Ruthann Giordano.  Staying at about 1 to 2  posts per day, 5 days a week is ideal as post engagement dropped dramatically after 2 posts per day.  So, if you really want to improve engagement on your business posts on Facebook, get off Facebook and get to work on your business.  Here are some tips that might help:

  1.  Use scheduling software life Buffer, Hootsuite, or my favorite, TinyTorch.  I like TinyTorch best because it allows me to post to Facebook events and groups.  For you direct sellers out there, imagine being able to throw a Hostess Party without doing any work.  Yeah, TinyTorch is the app for that.  Your first $10 is on me when you use this link.
  2. Uninstall the Facebook App from your phone.  Bahahaha.  Right.  But hey, use the right app for your business.  You should use the Facebook Pages app to post to your business page.
  3. Feeling lonely?  Leave your house and go to a networking event so you can meet and talk to real people.  GASP!

To recap, schedule your posts so you aren’t tempted to get sucked into the Facebook vortex, use the Pages app to post on the fly and interact with your audience, go meet people in person rather than cyber-stalking.




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