Back in April of 2015 I had this crazy notion that I could gather and publish 30 interviews with women business owners in 30 days and I was going to call it, wait for it, “30 Women Who Mean Business”.  At the time, I had no idea how crazy.  If you’d like to dig into my madness, take a look at my original plan.

I created a Google form with a list of what I believed engaging interview questions and starting sharing it my immediate network (my tribe) and via social media channels.  I was so excited when the Queen of Networking herself, Louise Dewey, agreed to be my first interviewee.  I thought, wow, this is so easy.  I can do this!  30 interviews in 30 days?  No problem!

Big Problem.  Turns out, women do not really like to talk about themselves.  It took 19 months to gather 28 interviews.  Glenna Griffin filled out the 28th interview in October of 2016 which I just published last week.  I practically begged the women in my tribe for the last two interviews.  No luck.

I finally decided to just throw in the towel, and call it done.

30 28 Women Who Mean Business

Thank you to the amazing women who stepped forward to share their business stories. I am truly grateful to each of you.

Read all 28 interviews (listed by published date):

  1. Louise Dewey, Queen of Networking
  2. Erica Courteney-Mann, Social Media
  3. Jan Goulden, Rodan + Fields
  4. Claire Peters, Paparazzi
  5. Sharon Alfred, Chef
  6. Alice Gerard, Blogger
  7. Arletta Duke, Adult Toys
  8. Kelly Gadbury, Coach
  9. Abegail Navalta, Paparazzi
  10. Martica Sherman, College Scholarships
  11. Neesy Croft, Holistic Health Care
  12. Georgette George, Parent Advocate
  13. Tanieka Randall, Hair Care
  14. Rhonda Dallas, Coach
  15. Francine Clouden, Printables and Crafts
  16. Peggy Vincent, Pillowcase Designer
  17. Terri Ellis, Passion Parties
  18. Tangela Harris, Coach
  19. Suzy Snow, Jamberry
  20. Sagan Morrow, Writing Coach
  21. Teresa DeFord, Attorney
  22. Natasha Botkin, Healer
  23. Angela Hicks, Virtual Assistant
  24. Teresa Sisson, Tupperware
  25. Wytress Mitchell, Author
  26. Amber Munos, Paparazzi
  27. Carol Hackman, Mary Kay
  28. Glenna Griffin, Travel

Your Turn

Have you ever had a great idea that didn’t quite pan out the way you expected?  Do share.



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