Remembering Reeshemah

Reeshemah Holmes has been mentioned here frequently, as a coach, inspiration, and guest of Coffee & Cards Conversations.


Reeshemah left this Earth on June 16, 2014. Her departure was sudden, tragic and heartbreaking. Even after attending her memorial service, I still find it difficult to believe she is really gone.


There are women who say they want to change the world and then there are women who do.   Reeshemah Holmes set out on a mission, rolled up her sleeves and did the work. Life after life was changed for the better because of her vision.

Kelly and Resheemah

Reeshemah, my sister, your legacy will live on in each of us whom you touched. Soar high, my friend – your possibilities are endless!


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3 Success Quotes

Christmas week I spent a couple of days at (not in) the hospital for tests and procedures. You can read about it if you like here.

Teachable Moments

One of the admitting clerks at the hospital had a wonderful collection of success quotes taped to be back of her monitor. It was obvious she had been collecting the success quotes for years.  When I asked if it was okay to take a photo of one of the worn, tattered quotes, her reply of “that’s what they are there for” seemed so obvious.

Be open when a teachable moment presents itself.  The admitting clerk is a great teacher.

The lesson?

Your platform is everywhere, even on the back of your monitor, or laptop, or phone.  So put your message out there, everywhere.

The quote?

“It’s never too late for success, and failure is a wonderful teacher; it teaches you what not to do the next time.”

The tattered paper:

never too late for success

“It’s never too late for success, and failure is a wonderful teacher; it teaches you what not to do next time.”

It's never too late for #success, and failure is a wonderful teacher. #blogboost Click To Tweet

A Thousand Ways

Recently, a couple of things happened in my business that have made me feel like throwing in the towel. Plus, breast cancer treatment has kept me away from networking events and I’ve just felt like I was falling behind.  I basically had a pity party.

Then, I found this greeting card that I received almost a year ago from Wealthy Sisters Network co-founder Reeshemah Holmes. She passed away in May of 2014.  From the grave, Sheemie is nudging me to keep on trudging.

“I did not fail a thousand times, I found a thousand ways not to make a light bulb.”  – Thomas Edison

"I did not fail a thousand times.  I found a thousand ways not to make a light bulb." - Thomas Edison

“I did not fail a thousand times. I found a thousand ways not to make a light bulb.” – Thomas Edison

Never underestimate the power of a heartfelt greeting card.  I will NEVER throw away this card. It will inspire me for the rest of my life.

Greeting cards really do change lives.

I did not fail a thousand times, I found a thousand ways not to make a light bulb. - Thomas Edison #blogboost Click To Tweet

Relationship Marketing Tip of the Day

Reeshemah is unforgettable.  If you want to be a person other people never forget, then be remarkable.  Do remarkable things.  And by all means, send greeting cards.

If you want to be successful, remember the old proverb:

‘Tis a lesson you should heed:
Try, try, try again.
If at first you don’t succeed,
Try, try, try again

What is your favorite success quote? Leave it in the comments.

Can you think of someone right now who needs to read that quote?  Why not send them a greeting card with the quote on the cover, or inside?  Head over to my Sendcere website, pick a greeting card and send it for free on me.  I’ll even pay for the stamp!

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Happy #Healthy New Year! | Vision Board Party | Battling Bertha

Before I start in on hashtags and Vision Board Parties:  It seems that I blog more about that pesky Bertha lately than I do about the real purpose behind this blog, which is to inspire you to pursue your passion profitably.  I believe, the best way to do so is through relationship marketing.  So, starting today, at the bottom of most blog posts (keeping it real, can’t commit to every), I will include a Relationship Marketing Tip of the Day.  You can peak now by scrolling down, but trust me, it’s there.  Honesty is a tenant of good relationship marketing. 😉

What’s Your 2015 Hashtag?

There is a trend going around on Facebook: pick your hashtag for 2015. I choose #Healthy

I had chemo yesterday.  It was the first time with my new port.  All went very smoothly.  The port worked perfectly.  Plus, I had a nice chat with my friend Jennifer, who just happened to drop by for a completely unrelated reason.  Love when that happens!

The rash from the bandages is getting better now that I am no longer wearing them.  I never did take a photo of it – too freaking gross to share!  If you have no idea what I am talking about, read this.

The plan is that I’ll be done with chemo in April.  I am feeling great – enough so that I am working more, which means getting more done.  Yesterday, I went clothes shopping (for the first time in forever and now I am wearing my brand new fuzzy pajamas), grocery shopping, I put together 3 custom furniture proposals, cooked a batch of yummy Korean stew, did a few updates to the Handmade in Texas directory and wrote this blog post!  Heck, I even Swiffered the floors (one day I will share my reusable Swiffer pad idea with you).  🙂  All this was AFTER my 3 hour chemo treatment!

I am feeling great.  Now, that end of chemo is near, it is time to focus on getting #healthy!

Vision Board Party

A couple of weeks ago, a few members of my SendOutCards team got together to create vision boards.

I first learned how to make vision boards when I was a teenager, from my Aunt Rita, who called them Treasure Maps. Different name, same concept.

A couple of years ago, the late Reeshemah Holmes reintroduced me to the concept. I have created vision boards to outline my goals and intentions since.

Our Vision Board Party was fun. We each brought our supplies, including magazines, and a dish to share. Then we talked a little about our dreams and created our vision boards.  Here’s mine:

My 2015 #Healthy Vision Board

My 2015 #Healthy Vision Board

As you can see, my #healthy vision for myself includes:

  • Attending Yoga classes 2 times per week
  • Acquiring a rebounder or treadmill for daily use
  • Drinking green tea or matcha daily.  (Side note:  I haven’t even tried matcha, yet!  I am hearing good things.)
  • Spending more time outside.
  • Pampering myself.

I accept and allow that all these things are true and so much more!

Here’s a query for my local peeps in Montgomery County, Texas:  Contact me if you would like me to host a Vision Board Party this month. Facebook is the best way to reach me.

Relationship Marketing Tip of the Day

Engaging with people shows that you genuinely care, and that is what relationship marketing is really about. Click To Tweet
Relationship Marketing Tip of the Day: Send Your Clients a Happy New Year Greeting Card

Relationship Marketing Tip of the Day: Send Your Clients a Happy New Year Greeting Card

The New Year is an excellent time to reach out to your clients and tell them how much you are looking forward to serving them in 2015.  Ask how you can do better in 2015 than you did in 2014 and be receptive to the feedback.  A memorable way to connect is with a custom greeting card.  Everyday, business owners find bills, junk mail and advertisements in their mailbox.  A Happy New Year greeting card will be a welcome change!

Here’s an idea:  why not share YOUR 2015 word with your clients.  Pick a word that will inspire them, a word like ENGAGE.  Engaging with people shows that you genuinely care, and that is what relationship marketing is really about.

All is well!

Radical Remission | Pink 5K Success | Gratitude Shout Out | Battling Bertha 6

Radical Remission by Kelly S. Turner

Radical Remission by Kelly S. Turner

Radical Remission

I’ve been raving about this book for weeks. Radical Remission by Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D. is a must read for anyone with, or caring for, someone diagnosed with cancer. It outlines 9 factors that can help with healing.

Thank you to Renu Agrawal for sharing this important book with me.

There are several sections of the book that really spoke to me and I’m going to review what I learned here but I encourage you to read the book for yourself, because you may take away entirely different nuggets more relevant to your own life.

Sugar Makes You Sick

In chapter 1 is entitled “Radically Changing Your Diet” Turner, who interviewed hundreds of people around the globe, writes “the majority of the people I study all tend to make the same four dietary changes, they are:

• greatly reducing or eliminating sugar, meat, dairy, and refined foods,
• greatly increasing vegetables and fruit intake,
• eating organic foods, and
• drinking filtered water.” (p. 14)

Cancer consumes glucose in the same way that healthy cells consume oxygen.

“Sugar makes you sick.” – Reeshemah Holmes, Author of Don’t Die by Your Own Hands

One of the first things I did when I was diagnosed was stop drinking coffee, not because of the caffeine, but because I put flavored sugary creamer in my coffee and I was drinking 5 or 6 cups per day. I figured cutting out the sugary coffee would cut out most of the sugar I consume. I now pay close attention to my refined sugar intake, as well.

I am not a fan of food that comes in boxes or cans, preferring to shop the perimeter of the grocery store and skip most of the center aisles. Organic fruits and vegetables are really not that much more expensive than non-organic and you can find some good values in the organic section of the freezer aisles.

Water filter pitchers cost less than $20 and the filter refills are also inexpensive. So filter that water!!

Try a Little Oxygen

“When someone has cancer, two things are happening: the cancerous cells are no longer getting their energy from oxygen but instead from sugar (i.e. glucose), and they are no longer dying when they should but instead replicating and living forever.” (p. 140)

You can kill your cancer by eliminating sugar from your diet and increasing your oxygen supply by going for daily walks, doing deep breathing exercises and even oxygen therapy. Plants emit oxygen so add more houseplants to your home!

Surround Yourself with Groovy People Who Care About You

“When we are surrounded by loved ones or even our pets, the feeling of being loved releases a flood of potent hormones into out blood streams, which not only makes us feel better emotionally but also strengthens our immune systems significantly.  Receiving love from others when we are sick actually helps the body heal itself.”  (p. 193-194)

I have a huge support network who are making meals for my family when I am in my chemo slumber, shopping for groceries, helping me exercise, and even treating my nausea.  I know they are one of the main reasons why I am kicking Bertha to the curb, quickly, decisively and forever.

If you don’t have a support network, ask your Oncologist to recommend a support group for you.  There are two at a local hospital and I even found free yoga classes locally for breast cancer survivors.  Start up conversations with the other ladies who are receiving their chemo treatments along side you.  You might make a connection or even a friend for life.

Be Your Own Health Advocate

“The Radical Remission survivors I study believe the body has an innate, intuitive knowledge about what it needs in order to heal, and it can also let you know why it got sick in the first place.”

I am following my instincts.

My instincts tell me to cut out most dairy but keep eating homemade yogurt. Yes, I make my own yogurt, it’s easy!

My instincts tell me to eat more soup, and less meat.

It is important to remember that your oncologist works for you. Money exchanges hands. You are paying for a service rendered. That means that you call the shots. Don’t ever let a doctor convince you to do something that you instinctively know is not in your best interest.

Follow your instincts.

We raised $500 walking the Pink 5K

We raised $500 walking the Pink 5K

Pink 5K Success

I am pleased to report that Team Battling Bertha raised $500 for Breast Cancer Charities of America this past weekend.

Laurie, Tanya, my daughter and I had a great time walking the 1 mile track in our coordinating hats, crafted by Laurie.  I can’t wait to do it again!

What I like best about Breast Cancer Charities of America is that they provide free resources for women who may need financial assistance to pay for their treatments and they also provide alternative treatment options.

Gratitude Shout Out

I need to give a huge thank you to the following amazing folks who have sent cards and gifts of encouragement and inspiration from around the globe! Every time I open a card, I feel wrapped with wellness and positivism.

gratefulkandasPam Nagel
Emily Robison
Janel Savage
Callie Shields
Diane Walker
Rachel Bowen
Kathy Diaz
Paul Geradis
Shad Swanson
Ashley Gladhart
Warren Smith
Barb Lecky-Plata
The Entire Houston SOC Team
Anise Flowers
Joy Brasington
Willie Diefenbach-Jones
Mare Waters
Sue Kittrell
Cyndy Justice
Karla Mason
Laurie Jimenez
And the staff at SendOutCards corporate office

How to Handle a Tacky Networker and other Networking Tips from Award-Winning Event Planner Shelly Rice | Podcast 012

Award-winning event planner Shelly Rice has spent the past 25 years helping business owners grow their networks and their companies through business events, workshops, mentoring and collaboration. In Gratitude Geek Podcast Episdode 12, Shelly shares her top networking and business tips, including how to deal with the infamous tacky networker.

This is NOT a Cold Call

Award-Winning Event Planner Shelly Rice

Award-Winning Event Planner Shelly Rice

Kandas:  Where would you go if you were invisible?

Shelly:  I would go visit all of my childhood boyfriends and play pranks on them.

Kandas:  What’s your motto?

Shelly:  Attitude is everything

Kandas:  What makes you different from other people in your industry?

Shelly:  Experience. Lots of great events out there but few can say they have held successful events all over the country. I’ve hosted nearly 1,000 events in 80 cities.

Kandas:  What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Shelly:  I spent two years helping my son overcome an illness. Two years of not knowing if he would walk again, or live or what the outcome would be. Tough two years. He’s just fine now by the way!

Kandas:  What is your biggest challenge or obstacle?

Shelly:  I seem to be my biggest obstacle. I can blame circumstances or others but in reality I am the only thing in my way.

Kandas:  What will it take to overcome your biggest challenge or obstacle?

Shelly:  Just never giving up. That and my coach is kicking my butt.

Kandas:  Define your style?

Shelly:  REAL

Kandas: Tell me about your typical day.

Shelly: I pretty much work 14-16 hours a day.


Networking 101:  Connect with People Not Business Cards

Kandas:  How do you juggle work and family?

Shelly:  Son is grown, still find time to see him and my family, it’s not tough.

Kandas:  Three tips you would like to give to people who are thinking about starting a business in your industry?

1. Put your plan in writing.

2. Have twice as much money as you think you’re going to need.

3. Collaborate with others.

Kandas:  What’s the best way to market your particular business?

Shelly:  This information is going to cost you!

Kandas:  How have you grown as a person since starting your company?

Shelly:  I started my company 25 years ago so I’ve grown and changed a million times since then.

Kandas:  If you could travel back in time and speak to your 18 year old self, what would you say?

Shelly:  Listen to your parents, they know what they are talking about.

Kandas:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Shelly:  Same thing….working like a mad woman, speaking on more stages, shaking more hands…….

Kandas:  For whom are you thankful? Who do you appreciate?

Shelly:  God, my family, my best friend-Reda and my mentor-Patty Farmer. Also thankful for my business partners: Margie Baxley, Reeshemah Holmes and the incredible Dawniel Winningham.

Kandas:  What else would you like to add?

Shelly:  I sincerely appreciate you having me on your show. Thank you. Please let me know how I can be a resource for you.

Shelly Rice’s Bookshelf

Bonus Book Pick

The Big Take Away

My big take away is:  It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing what you are doing, you still have much more to learn.

What about you?  Leave a comment with your big take away about this networking and business building conversation with Shelly Rice.

Connect with Shelly Rice
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