Remembering Reeshemah

Reeshemah Holmes has been mentioned here frequently, as a coach, inspiration, and guest of Coffee & Cards Conversations. Reeshemah left this Earth on June 16, 2014. Her departure was sudden, tragic and heartbreaking. Even after attending her memorial service, I still find it difficult to believe she is really gone. There are women who say […]

3 Success Quotes

Christmas week I spent a couple of days at (not in) the hospital for tests and procedures. You can read about it if you like here. Teachable Moments One of the admitting clerks at the hospital had a wonderful collection of success quotes taped to be back of her monitor. It was obvious she had […]

Happy #Healthy New Year! | Vision Board Party | Battling Bertha

Before I start in on hashtags and Vision Board Parties:  It seems that I blog more about that pesky Bertha lately than I do about the real purpose behind this blog, which is to inspire you to pursue your passion profitably.  I believe, the best way to do so is through relationship marketing.  So, starting […]

Radical Remission | Pink 5K Success | Gratitude Shout Out | Battling Bertha 6

Radical Remission I’ve been raving about this book for weeks. Radical Remission by Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D. is a must read for anyone with, or caring for, someone diagnosed with cancer. It outlines 9 factors that can help with healing. Thank you to Renu Agrawal for sharing this important book with me. There are several […]

How to Handle a Tacky Networker and other Networking Tips from Award-Winning Event Planner Shelly Rice | Podcast 012

Award-winning event planner Shelly Rice has spent the past 25 years helping business owners grow their networks and their companies through business events, workshops, mentoring and collaboration. In Gratitude Geek Podcast Episdode 12, Shelly shares her top networking and business tips, including how to deal with the infamous tacky networker. This is NOT a Cold […]

Show List

Coffee and Cards Conversations are filmed on location at Conroe Coffee every Friday. Scheduled Guests: Renu Agrawal, Holistic Health Coach Leslie Guillermo, Dog Whisperer Curt Tueffert, Speaker & Sales Professional Lynda Davies, Personal Trainer Alyson Bayer, Acupuncturist Dawn Mitchell, Coach Kim Miller, Professional Organizer Sarah Carothers, Comedienne Javier Florez, Improv Actor Jo Dent, Younique Presenter […]