Tips for Clearing Clutter with Susie Glennan, The Busy Woman | Podcast Episode 25

Susie Glennan is the owner of The Busy Woman.  She has written over 200 articles and e-books on topics ranging from time management, to organizing, to life transitions.

Her latest publication is Making Room for Happiness:  Tips for Clearing Clutter.  According to Susie, there are three types of clutter:  physical, emotional and mental.  She discusses strategies for clearing all three in our interview, recorded January 1, 2015.  Happy New Year!  To listen to the podcast, click the play button in the black bar right below the title.

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Making Room for Happiness, Tips for Clearing Clutter is currently only available until January 4, 2015 as part of the Work-At-Home Success Kickstart Bundle which includes over $400 worth of resources that will help you work-at-home successfully.

Before Reading Making Room for Happiness:  Tips for Clearing Clutter

Before Reading Making Room for Happiness: Tips for Clearing Clutter

After Reading Making Room for Happiness:  Tips for Clearing Clutter

After Reading Making Room for Happiness: Tips for Clearing Clutter

Susie is a big fan of Barbara Hemphill’s book Taming the Paper Tiger.

Finally, Susie is offering a 50% discount through January 15, 2015 off her e-book Personality Based Time Management.  Use Coupon Code: PBTM50

While you are on her website, be sure to read the touching story she mentioned about her Grandmother.

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Relationship Marketing Tip of the Day

Susie and I met in an online networking group for work at home moms about 15 years ago. We developed a rapport over time. We know, like and trust each other, because we would “show up” at the same online events.

Wednesday, I picked up some breakfast tacos at a locally-owned taqueria for my nurses on the way to chemo.

The restaurant wall filled with what could only be regulars. Everyone seems to know everyone else. One fellow asked a man at another table for the name of a roofer. Deals are made in a place like this.

The lesson here is consistency. Show up often enough. Develop a cordial relationship. Relationships lead to referrals. Referrals lead to business. Relationship marketing works.

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Susie Glennan, Owner of The Busy Woman, Inc.

Susie Glennan, Owner of The Busy Woman, Inc.

“Are you defining yourself by the things you keep or moving forward for a more freeing life of simplicity?”

Can you imagine??? 50% of the things I’ve been saving for the last 30 plus years are gone! And more is going every day. I think my spring-cleaning is turning into an addiction. The more I get rid of, the more I want to get rid of.

People save “stuff” for so many years, rarely realizing that they are not enjoying most of the “stuff” they are saving. Next thing they know, they are renting a storage unit for $100 plus a month to store stuff they probably aren’t going to use. Or there’s always the old adage that says, “I might need it later.” Of course when later comes, they can’t find it and have to buy “it” again… anyway.

Visualization is a good motivator, when you actually find the right vision. I think I finally found mine. In order to get to the vision, I must get rid of all that weighs me down.

After moving my “stuff” many times over the years I’ve gotten to a point where I realized that my Snoopy collection is nothing more than stuffed animals that provide a great place for dust. I don’t have them out where I can enjoy them, so why not allow someone else to enjoy them? They are being donated to a charity auction. My old Childcraft books have been shuffled from one house to the other. I read them to my children when they were young, but that was a LONG time ago.

As empty shelves appear in my closet and garage, I feel relief. It is like small weights are slowly being taken off of my back. Things I never thought I could get rid of are being recycled or put in the dumpster.

As I go through boxes, I sit and think deeply about why I am keeping these “things.” I realize that long ago they had meaning. They were a part of who I was. But that’s not who I am today. So in the trash or to charity they go.

Who are you today? Are you defining yourself by the things you keep or moving forward for a more freeing life of simplicity?

Susie Glennan

Susie, Glennan, The Busy Woman

Susie Glennan is the owner of  The Busy Woman, a downloadable, printable day planner system.

How to Personally Sponsor 5 Distributors into Your Network Marketing Business in 4 Days

Growing a network marketing business requires filling empty seats at a presentation.  Until they see a presentation, a person can not decide, yes or no, about an opportunity.  Yes is great.  No is good, too.  We are all taught that it is a funneling process!  The more seats you fill, the more decisions made.

Recently, my business partner Susie Glennan, did a push to earn VIP status at our company’s annual convention this coming September. There were a couple of specific goals she needed to reach to earn VIP, and she worked her tail off.  As a result of her extraordinary effort, Susie was able to sponsor 5 distributors into her organization in just 4 days.

Susie’s Story

Here is Susie’s story in her own words:

Last Thursday one of my customers called and met me at Starbucks to see how to make money with (my opportunity). I showed him the (presentation). He upgraded to preferred customer and was considering signing up as a distributor. He thought his brother would also like (the business). WHILE AT Starbucks, a really friendly woman and her girlfriends started chatting with me, so I showed them the APP. I took a photo of all three of them and sent cards to all three of them.

In the meantime, my customer was at the next table and downloaded the APP. I bounced between tables showing everyone how it works.

Apparently…sending photos on cards and putting photos on bulk cards to sell was just what the ladies were talking about. My customer didn’t sign up, but by Friday, one of the ladies met with me again. Her name is LaVonda. We spent 3 hours chatting and she wanted to sign up!

Saturday we got back together to sign her up and while we were going over final details her church group came into Starbucks, so I showed some of them the APP and told them about LaVonda’s new biz. They LOVED it! LaVonda and I have plans for her first gathering…This woman made it happen! She’s a Preferred Customer and Distributor but hoping to upgrade to a bundle in the next week or so!!! AND her friend who was there the first day said she’s going to be her first customer.

Honestly, I started off last August re-learning how to network and get back in the game. I received good advice from my networking group and followed it. Recently, we had the first VIP contest and I got it in my mind that I had to win. It didn’t happen. When it came around a second time I had many customers on the fence or they kept waiting to raise the funds. So I asked everyone I could if they were ready to sign up or if they could do me a favor, sign up, and see if they like it to help me make VIP.

While I didn’t qualify for VIP or Sr. Mgr. because of volume, it started a flurry in my business and I’ve received several calls to help customers upgrade and/or learn to use the system better in just one day because of my phone calls the day before. Other things that happened because of my flurry of calls to everyone yesterday…Someone I don’t know contacted me to learn about SOC and some of my friends who are customers are now considering signing up.

It’s a numbers game people and the momentum changes how we appear to others because we’re on this forward flowing motion and people feel it.

Nuggets of Wisdom

There are three nuggets to take away from Susie’s story:

  1.  Planting seeds does not reap immediate results.  Seeds need nurturing to germinate and grow. When they bloom, it will be worth it.
  2. Listen to your peers.  Susie asked her networking group for advice, which she followed.
  3. Follow up.  Follow up.  Follow up.  These 5 distributors didn’t sign themselves up, Susie called them and asked if they were ready.

Okay, so really there are more than 3 nuggets.  Here is another:  Stay in forward flowing motion!

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Happy New Year’s! 2014 will be YOUR BEST YEAR yet!

Susie Glennan, Owner of The Busy Woman, Inc.

Susie Glennan, Owner of The Busy Woman

My guest today is Susie Glennan of The Busy Woman. Susie has been an entrepreneur since she was 13 years old and she started her own babysitting service. She is the owner of The Busy Woman – offering downloadable daily planner pages plus encouragement, organization and time management tips in her busy woman blog

Susie enjoys writing, public speaking, plunking on her guitar, and traveling…. her wish for you today is to learn to set “realistic” goals that are obtainable, let go of guilt associated with not obtaining your goals, allow yourself time to reassess your goals, and find someone to help hold you accountable.

Keys to Goal Setting:

  • Don’t be unrealistic.
  • Set obtainable goals.
  • Allow yourself to reassess.
  • Find someone to help hold you accountable.

Setting a date to start a goal is very helpful emotionally. It gives you a starting point. The issue is with the ending point

Many people hear the word “goal” and want to run!

Goals are just that, a goal. If you’re watching a football game, you want the ball to make it through the goal. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, is the game over? NO! They try again. There’s a specific time limit for both teams to make as many goals as they can before the game ends. The key is that they have a playbook. In your case, this would be a “plan of action.” Before each game and throughout season practice, they go over the playbook testing the different plays. They assess which ones work best and devise their plan of action.

They have a playbook with all of their plans. They are constantly adding to it, then assessing which ones worked or not.

Your goals should be the same way. When there is a project you want or need to get done, you should set up a plan of action. This guides you through the project until completion. The end result is that your goal is met.

Susie and I also chat about the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Toastmasters, masterminds and accountability partnerships.  It’s good stuff.

Read Susie’s article about breaking large projects into small tasks.

Read Kandas’ article about reinventing yourself.

Downloadable worksheet to help you find who you want to be coming soon.



On Target Speaking:  Breaking the Ice Workshop

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V019 Time Management Tips from The Busy Woman

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The Questions:

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Reeshemah:  “Do you have a structure that could work for any WAHM?”

Cynthia:  “How do you continually shift from mom to work and back?”

Kerri:  “How do you get everything done you need to do everyday?”

Diane:  “How do you best juggle?”


Susie Glennan, Owner of The Busy Woman, Inc.

Susie Glennan, Owner of The Busy Woman, Inc.

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