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Abegail Navalta provides a variety of products and services through her business, aRe U kid DING Me.

Describe your business (work, passion) in 3 to 5 sentences.
I help people brand themselves and promote on social media. I am also a consultant with Paparazzi Accessories, and Stylist. I’m still working on my direction and through the tunnel.

How did you get started in your business?
It truly started 3 years ago when I almost died due to a doctor cutting my bile duct.  I stayed on medical leave and fiddled my thumbs.  And told myself I would of left this life with nothing for my family. So, I started my business 3 years ago wanting to be in social media. I’ve had a few bumps and falls.  be has reignited my 2015 year with Wealthy Sister’s Network. I knew that I had a special talent in finding other people beauty of one’s self. I am still in the process of rebuilding my brand and my business.

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome in your business?
Being organized is huge, and time management, but it’s getting better.
I have clutter EVERYWHERE. People say it’s not bad, but I it’s not true. Papers are every where. clothes are never really but away 100% and our bedroom is always a mess.
As for time management, I’ve learned to not overload my calendar.

How has this hurdle made you better?
I have exposed myself to those around me. I’ve learned to ask for help. I am still VERY unorganized but now have surrounded and opened my doors to ladies that will keep me on top of me and/or will do it for me.

Top 3 books for personal and business growth?
I can’t say I really read books. I read endless hours of articles on the internet. I do have one book I have recently purchased and read over and over: How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell. (affiliate link)

What does gratitude mean to you?
Offerings; like at church. The pastor enlightens us and opens our hearts and mind to the topic and so we donate. Like taking a class, you pay for it as a donation.

Who do you appreciate? Why?
Donations, either materialistic things like clothing and money. I truly like to talk and listen to people and then hug them. I feel that physical contact and meeting with people is how I appreciate others and what they do for me. I look a person in the eyes and truly let them see thankfulness in my soul and because it makes ME feel good.  But, truly it does.

Anything else you’d like to add or include?
When you put your 2 sense into your thinking machine, you’ll ALWAYS come out with change. I don’t know if I truly made this up or I heard it as a little girl. But right now it is fitting in my life with Wealthy Sisters Network.


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