Are you Riding or Driving?


“So often we look back and “it’s been a wild ride.”  I want to look back on this year and know “it’s been an awesome drive.” – Lynda Davies

Lynda Davies is a personal fitness trainer and one of my dearest friends.  She posted the above quote on Facebook yesterday in honor of the New Year.  It’s the best bit of advice I’ve ever read.

So many people just live their life day to day and accept the lot they’ve been given.

I am here to say it’s okay to expect more.  You don’t have to settle.  Your dream can be your reality.  Your someday can be a real day.

Stop riding in the passenger seat of your life and take control of the wheel.


Learn from Lynda

Lynda has been a frequent guest on my podcast and videos as she always shares great info.  Check out these past episode of Coffee, Cards and Conversations:




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