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Kandas Always Wins
Kandas Always Wins

It’s been one week since the first dose of Chemo.

It’s been a tough week.

I am winning.

Thursday, I was feeling great (blame it on the steroids) so I drove myself  to the clinic for a post chemo bone marrow stimulating shot, then I had a lovely lunch with my friends Anise, Tucker and Tanya.   Thursday night I was visited by excruciating pain in my hip and leg bones…  apparently the marrow was stimulated.

Friday I received a wonderful and relaxing Acupuncture treatment by Alyson Bayer of Clear Choice Acupuncture & Wellness then went home and rested.

Saturday and Sunday were spent sleeping. Literally. Sleeping. As in 48 hours of sleeping.

Monday, Shane and I met with the oncologist, Dr. Ellent to find out the battle plan.   I will have 3 more mega doses of the triple threat cocktail from hell followed by the shot that rang up and down my body.   Then, we assess the results.

We did have to change up my heartburn and nausea meds.  No need to go into gory details.

HMO Side Note:  Most of my meds are 100% covered.   Win!!

Dr. Ellent is a scientist. He is very clinical. I told him that Bertha felt significantly smaller and he nodded approval but did not seem all the interested in checking for himself.

Bertha is, by the way, significantly smaller, as in I barely feel it.  No kidding.

Weird Chemo Side Effects

My tongue is numb.  No feeling.  Weird.

Lemons taste like rust.  Weird.

Basically, most food just tastes off.   Except saltine crackers.  Those taste good.  Weird.

I have absolutely no desire to consume sugar.  Apple sauce is too sweet.  I force myself to drink my chocolate protein shakes, because they are too sweet.  Weird.

I feel like a tortoise.  Slow.  Everything is in slow motion.  Weird. 

I forget what I’m doing…  more so than usual.    Kinda weird.  Not really.  Squirrel!

In the Kitchen with Kandas, Oh My!

I haven’t been cooking much.   Just too tired.   Our good friends Lynda, Kim and Kelly fed us this week.

A meal is truly the greatest gift a human can give another human.

My two big kitchen adventures:

  • Yesterday I made homemade yogurt, which turned out perfect.
  • Today, I brewed my very first batch of Kombucha.  Thanks to Kelly Taylor for the scoby.

What to Say to Someone Diagnosed with Cancer

Every day cards and care packages are delivered to our mailbox for which I am geek-fully grateful.   I remain in a perpetual verklempt state knowing my army grows every day.

If you are wondering what exactly you should say when you learn that someone has been diagnosed with that dreaded C word, follow the lead of Diane Walker, who wrote in an awesome greeting card:

“Congratulations on beating Bertha and your complete recovery.”

There are two key parts to Diane’s sentence.   Her words:

  • are positive.
  • assume the recovery has already happened.

And so it is!

A huge thank you to Peggy for the glow-in-the-dark iPromise Susan G Kommen pillowcase, Renu for the trio of books, Glenna for the 8 pack of brownies, Diane for the angel and the anonymous person who sent the Louise Hay book. I feel wrapped with love and it feels good.




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