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Allergic Reaction

Exciting week in the land of Chemo.

During my June 4th treatment, I had an allergic reaction to the Taxotere (a.k.a Docetaxel).  I was itchy and had watery eyes.  The charge nurse immediately stopped the Taxotere and brought in two oncologists to consult.  I was given Solu-Medrol, a steroid, and benadryl to stop the reaction.  Then my oncologist was called and it was determined that I would not receive the rest of the Taxotere, nor the Carboplatin.  I was, however, administered the Herceptin.

Taxotere is the synthesized Pacific Yew bark.  Carboplatin is platinum bases.  Herceptin is a protein inhibitor.

I have no idea why I had an allergic reaction the second time I received the Taxotere but not the first.   I am curious to hear what my oncologist has to say.

The fun part of the day was all my visitors!  My friends Tracy, Joy, Kelly and Tanya all stopped by during my treatment.

Tracy in the Visitors Chair
Tracy in the Visitors Chair

Pink 5K Fundraiser

My next chemo treatment is June 25th.  I wont’ be sure until I after I speak with my oncologist on Monday what the course of treatment will be.  But what I do know, is that I will feel great on Saturday June 21st, so I decided to form a walking team, called Battling Bertha, of course, for the Pink 5K in The Woodlands, Texas.  I signed up for the 1 mile walk, as I know 5 k is more than my body can handle right now.

So what is the Pink 5k?

The Pink 5K is sponsored by iGoPink, a division of Breast Cancer Charities of America.  What I like about this charity is it’s focus on tertiary treatment like nutrition.  Here is a statement directly from their website:

“Breast Cancer Charities of America (BCCA) exists for one reason—to eliminate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease.  Our central focus is on educating, empowering and encouraging all women to become pro-active in preventing breast cancer and, if diagnosed, in surviving breast cancer.

“We offer leading edge, state-of-the-art, research-backed programs that focus on all that women can do in addition to medical care.  Our services include nutrition, exercise, and social support all the while defusing the fear that often accompanies breast cancer.  And we provide help now with emergency financial assistance to medicines and medical supplies to women in poverty.”

If you’d like to join my walking team, or donate, visit my Pink 5K fundraising site.

I'm reading this great book and when I'm done I'll have lots to report.
I’m reading this great book and when I’m done I’ll have lots to report.

Vitamin D

I’ve decided to share some compelling information regarding Vitamin D.  My good friend and aromatherapist, Kelly Taylor, sent over this article Top Tips to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk from, and I found this article about Vitamin D on the Breast Cancer Charities of America Website.   The research shows that women who are deficient in Vitamin D have a 222% increased chance of  developing breast cancer.

Our bodies absorb Vitamin D from sunlight.  More and more of us do not spend enough time in the sun, even though just 20 minutes per day is all we need.  So it makes sense that a myriad of health problems could result from our sedentary indoor lifestyles.

I’ve added 2000 iu of Vitamin D3 to my daily supplements.  I also take a minimum of 1000 mg of Vitamin C plus 1000 mg Calcium, 400 mg Magnesium and 15 mg of Zinc to support my immune system.

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