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Radical Remission by Kelly S. Turner
Radical Remission by Kelly S. Turner

Radical Remission

I’ve been raving about this book for weeks. Radical Remission by Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D. is a must read for anyone with, or caring for, someone diagnosed with cancer. It outlines 9 factors that can help with healing.

Thank you to Renu Agrawal for sharing this important book with me.

There are several sections of the book that really spoke to me and I’m going to review what I learned here but I encourage you to read the book for yourself, because you may take away entirely different nuggets more relevant to your own life.

Sugar Makes You Sick

In chapter 1 is entitled “Radically Changing Your Diet” Turner, who interviewed hundreds of people around the globe, writes “the majority of the people I study all tend to make the same four dietary changes, they are:

• greatly reducing or eliminating sugar, meat, dairy, and refined foods,
• greatly increasing vegetables and fruit intake,
• eating organic foods, and
• drinking filtered water.” (p. 14)

Cancer consumes glucose in the same way that healthy cells consume oxygen.

“Sugar makes you sick.” – Reeshemah Holmes, Author of Don’t Die by Your Own Hands

One of the first things I did when I was diagnosed was stop drinking coffee, not because of the caffeine, but because I put flavored sugary creamer in my coffee and I was drinking 5 or 6 cups per day. I figured cutting out the sugary coffee would cut out most of the sugar I consume. I now pay close attention to my refined sugar intake, as well.

I am not a fan of food that comes in boxes or cans, preferring to shop the perimeter of the grocery store and skip most of the center aisles. Organic fruits and vegetables are really not that much more expensive than non-organic and you can find some good values in the organic section of the freezer aisles.

Water filter pitchers cost less than $20 and the filter refills are also inexpensive. So filter that water!!

Try a Little Oxygen

“When someone has cancer, two things are happening: the cancerous cells are no longer getting their energy from oxygen but instead from sugar (i.e. glucose), and they are no longer dying when they should but instead replicating and living forever.” (p. 140)

You can kill your cancer by eliminating sugar from your diet and increasing your oxygen supply by going for daily walks, doing deep breathing exercises and even oxygen therapy. Plants emit oxygen so add more houseplants to your home!

Surround Yourself with Groovy People Who Care About You

“When we are surrounded by loved ones or even our pets, the feeling of being loved releases a flood of potent hormones into out blood streams, which not only makes us feel better emotionally but also strengthens our immune systems significantly.  Receiving love from others when we are sick actually helps the body heal itself.”  (p. 193-194)

I have a huge support network who are making meals for my family when I am in my chemo slumber, shopping for groceries, helping me exercise, and even treating my nausea.  I know they are one of the main reasons why I am kicking Bertha to the curb, quickly, decisively and forever.

If you don’t have a support network, ask your Oncologist to recommend a support group for you.  There are two at a local hospital and I even found free yoga classes locally for breast cancer survivors.  Start up conversations with the other ladies who are receiving their chemo treatments along side you.  You might make a connection or even a friend for life.

Be Your Own Health Advocate

“The Radical Remission survivors I study believe the body has an innate, intuitive knowledge about what it needs in order to heal, and it can also let you know why it got sick in the first place.”

I am following my instincts.

My instincts tell me to cut out most dairy but keep eating homemade yogurt. Yes, I make my own yogurt, it’s easy!

My instincts tell me to eat more soup, and less meat.

It is important to remember that your oncologist works for you. Money exchanges hands. You are paying for a service rendered. That means that you call the shots. Don’t ever let a doctor convince you to do something that you instinctively know is not in your best interest.

Follow your instincts.

We raised $500 walking the Pink 5K
We raised $500 walking the Pink 5K

Pink 5K Success

I am pleased to report that Team Battling Bertha raised $500 for Breast Cancer Charities of America this past weekend.

Laurie, Tanya, my daughter and I had a great time walking the 1 mile track in our coordinating hats, crafted by Laurie.  I can’t wait to do it again!

What I like best about Breast Cancer Charities of America is that they provide free resources for women who may need financial assistance to pay for their treatments and they also provide alternative treatment options.

Gratitude Shout Out

I need to give a huge thank you to the following amazing folks who have sent cards and gifts of encouragement and inspiration from around the globe! Every time I open a card, I feel wrapped with wellness and positivism.

gratefulkandasPam Nagel
Emily Robison
Janel Savage
Callie Shields
Diane Walker
Rachel Bowen
Kathy Diaz
Paul Geradis
Shad Swanson
Ashley Gladhart
Warren Smith
Barb Lecky-Plata
The Entire Houston SOC Team
Anise Flowers
Joy Brasington
Willie Diefenbach-Jones
Mare Waters
Sue Kittrell
Cyndy Justice
Karla Mason
Laurie Jimenez
And the staff at SendOutCards corporate office



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