Four Blogging Lessons from 2016


I was not as consistent a blogger in 2016 as in previous years.  Total traffic was about half that of the previous year, mostly because I only added content 8 out of 12 months.

It’s alright.  I forgive myself.  I was out doing all the fun stuff about which I like to blog.

Even though I did not post as often as I would have liked, I did learn a lot about blogging this past year.  More on that in a bit…

Top 5 Blog Posts from 2016

I was a tad bit surprised to see that three of the top 5 most viewed articles in 2016 are from previous years!

  1. 18 Gifts for Someone Going Through Chemo and Radiation (2016)
  2. I Am Statements Examples (2015)
  3. The CAPITAL of Pyramid Schemes (2013)
  4. Why You Need a Chemo Port (2014)
  5. Step-by-Step Guide to Offering Nutritional Advice to Chemo Patients (2016)

Blogging Lessons from 2016

Lesson One:  I want my blog to help people, and it seems I help the most when I write about my breast cancer experience.

Lesson Two:  Posts have sticking power.  I should go back and make sure those old posts are still relevant.

Lesson Three:  I spent a good deal of time and energy on my women who mean business interview series and not one of those interviews made the top 5 list.

Lesson Four:  Most folks who read this blog prefer to use the Facebook Comment Plugin, and they are missing out on a huge self-promotional opportunity.

How to Leave a Comment on a Blog

Sure, the Facebook Comment Plugin is there right there at the bottom of this post, I keep it there because I do not want to lose all the wonderful feedback I’ve received over the years, but it is NOT the best way to leave a comment on any blog because it links to your Facebook profile.  A better option is to scroll down just a tad bit more and use the WordPress comment box so that you can get a link back to your own website!

Why not try it now?  Scroll on down past the Facebook plugin and leave a comment.  Don’t forget to include your URL!



3 thoughts on “Four Blogging Lessons from 2016”

  1. Yes, sometimes the posts and content you didn’t think would rank best actually performs better than other posts you spent more time on. It’s really hit and miss which is why its good to experiment with what works.

    You provided some good advice about making sure blog posts remain relevant and up to date. This will ensure people don’t leave your blog too soon after finding the content is irrelevant or outdated which just increases the bounce rate and reduces the rank of the page.
    Hough recently posted…Can I Do Affiliate Marketing on Facebook?My Profile

  2. I feel its quality over quantity. When I planned writing a blog, I envisioned I would write two blog posts per week. That was as planned for the first two weeks but then slowed dramatically. I am now writing 2-3 blog posts per month. The reason is I want my posts to help people, and that is by writing one of the best articles out there on a particular nutritional issue.

    As with your lesson 3, I experience similar. Posts which I feel would be popular wasn’t and those that I thought would not drive much traffic, drove the most.
    Leo Tat recently posted…40 Foods High in Polyphenols Antioxidants With Net CarbsMy Profile

  3. Hi Kandas, I hope you don’t get two comments from me. I started to comment then saw something else I wanted to check out. Your blog has so much to interest me, if I’m not careful it all my computer time can be spent on your blog. 🙂 I didn’t even know how to use the FB comment or what it would link back to. Thanks for letting me know I’ve been commenting in the right place.

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