Breast Cancer Survivor Called Pervert for Using Women’s Restroom

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Deena Lotridge is a double mastectomy breast cancer survivor. Her friends call her a hero for the way she has shined brightly during her journey through cancer. After losing it to chemo, her hair is growing back, and is still rather short.

With everything she has gone through, using a public women’s restroom should be the least of Deena’s worries.

However, the recent attention to the transgender bathroom debate has resulted in unexpected consequences.  Take for instance the Texas man who followed a woman into the bathroom to check her gender.

Deena, with her short, dirty blonde locks, showed great dignity when verbally accosted during a recent visit to the women’s restroom in an Altoona, Pennsylvania mall:

Deena Lotridge was called Pervert for using Womens Bathroom after Double Mastectomy
Deena Lotridge called Pervert for using Women’s Bathroom

Here is the text if you can’t read the screenshot:

My Husband and I went shopping for a few things today in Altoona. Went to the mall for lunch, pizza. and I used the restroom before we ate. I was called a PERVERT for using the lades room!! I was amazed!! I told this woman I was in the proper restroom and she called me a pervert again. So I told her again I was where I was to be.. she got really nasty so I lifted my shirt and said….. SEE …. I told her not to judge what she didn’t know or even understand and that I hope she never had to face cancer and have body parts removed…
What is worse.. this isn’t the first time, but the first time someone was so nasty!
What a world we live in now… SMH

I agree with her friends, Deena Lotridge is a hero.

All is well,



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