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If you have been keeping up with me, you know my husband and I moved to Michigan in November.   You also know that I have been living with metastatic breast cancer (I call her Bertha) since 2014.

After spending 2 months in a vacation rental, we settled into our new home shortly after the New Year and have been busy, busy unpacking and acclimating to our new life.

Our daughter was home from college for a 6 week winter break so she was a great help during our move.  It was fun having her around, again.  She is back at school now for the 2nd semester of her Freshman year.  She is really enjoying college.

Dr. Kleinbaum, my former oncologist in Texas, ran scans in October which showed No Evidence of Disease (NED) so I decided taking a short break from treatment while we moved was okay.  I thought it would take 6 to 8 weeks to change insurance, find a doctor, transfer my records, and get on program, again.

I am not going to bore you with the details, but let’s just say, boy, was I wrong.

Good news is, I’ve met my new oncologist, Dr. Alguire at Johnson Family Cancer Center in Muskegon, and everything is about to return to our regularly scheduled programming.

There are 2 things I want to share about Dr. Alguire.  First, she told my husband and I TWICE that there is no cure for metastatic cancer.  Both times, I responded, “yet.”  Secondly, she told me she had a keen interest in nutrition.  So, we spent some time chatting about intermittent fasting, soy, and plant-based diets.  I will share more about that in a future post.

After our appointment, she sent me off to have labs drawn. She is checking my hormone levels to see if we need to continue with Lupron (estrogen suppressing) shots, and my tumor markers.  In 4 years, no oncologist has ever checked my tumor markers.  I’m very curious to see what they look like!

I’m scheduled to meet the chemo nurses on Tuesday and will have my first Herceptin infusion since October on Wednesday.  I got a peak at the infusion room and it is AWESOME.  I can’t wait to take photos.  Each patient gets a private alcove with a chair for a guest!

Thursday I go in for a CT scan and an Echocardiogram.  My heart has to be checked every 6 months because a side effect of Herceptin is heart muscle damage.  We opted to have these scans done now so that Dr. Alguire has an accurate baseline to compare against in 6 months.

So there you go, a brief update on Bertha!


PS – Yes!  I am still business coaching!  In fact, I am super excited for my upcoming Growth through Gratitude Group Coaching Webinar.  If you are looking for a mastermind group that focuses on gratitude, connection, and inspired action, join us on Tuesday, January 23rd at 10 am EST.  RSVP on Facebook.



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