Donny and Diamond Hunter

Showering a Mourning Family with a Card Flurry


“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” – Tennessee Williams

A “Card Flurry™” is a movement and so far over a thousand people are participating.  The idea is to send a hero, or someone suffering from a great tragedy, a flurry of greeting cards filled with words of encouragement.

The Card Flurry™ movement is the brain-child of Jordan Adler.  Each month, Adler and his team are picking one family to receive a flurry.  The first, is the Hunter family of Iowa.

Just before the holidays this beautiful family lost 2 of their 3 children in a tragic auto accident. Molli and Brandon Hunter (parents) lost their daughter Diamond who was 8 and their son Donny who was 7.


My heart hurt as I watched this news report.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The family is in need of financial support as well, so if it’s in your budget, please send a $10 – $100 American Express Card.
Please send cards and prayers. God Bless this family.


LET’S SHOWER THIS FAMILY WITH LOVE – They are going to need it.



Just one day after announcing the flurry for the Hunter family, the movement has been covered in the Portage, Michigan news.

I sent the Hunter family a card and an American Express gift card with my SendOutCards phone app.  I urge you to join the movement at to receive the address of the Hunter family so you can send them a heart-felt greeting card, as well.

If you do not already have the SendOutCards app, use this link and I will cover the cost of your greeting card to the Hunter family.



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