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Radical Remission | Pink 5K Success | Gratitude Shout Out | Battling Bertha 6

Radical Remission I’ve been raving about this book for weeks. Radical Remission by Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D. is a must read for anyone with, or caring for, someone diagnosed with cancer. It outlines 9 factors that can help with healing. Thank you to Renu Agrawal for sharing this important book with me. There are several sections of the book that really spoke to me and I’m going to review what I learned here but I encourage you to read the […]

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Celebrate Life with Angie Heiman | Wealthy Sisters Network | Overcoming Adversity | Battling Bertha Part 5 | Podcast 024

As a life coach, Angie Heiman, understands and shares the power of affirmations.  During our hour long chat we discuss the importance of what you speak and how it affects your day,  how to shift the direction of your life with a few daily action steps, how to write  a great affirmation.  We also share an exciting new networking opportunity for women.  Finally, we discuss how to overcome adversity. “My vision is to help woman pursue their purpose with passion. […]

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Allergic Reaction | Pink 5K Fundraiser | Vitamin D | Battling Bertha Part 4

Allergic Reaction Exciting week in the land of Chemo. During my June 4th treatment, I had an allergic reaction to the Taxotere (a.k.a Docetaxel).  I was itchy and had watery eyes.  The charge nurse immediately stopped the Taxotere and brought in two oncologists to consult.  I was given Solu-Medrol, a steroid, and benadryl to stop the reaction.  Then my oncologist was called and it was determined that I would not receive the rest of the Taxotere, nor the Carboplatin.  I […]

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Weird Chemo Side Effects | In the Kitchen with Kandas, Oh My! | What to Say to Someone Diagnosed with Cancer | Battling Bertha Part 3

It’s been one week since the first dose of Chemo. It’s been a tough week. I am winning. Thursday, I was feeling great (blame it on the steroids) so I drove myself  to the clinic for a post chemo bone marrow stimulating shot, then I had a lovely lunch with my friends Anise, Tucker and Tanya.   Thursday night I was visited by excruciating pain in my hip and leg bones…  apparently the marrow was stimulated. Friday I received a […]

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Chemo Round 1 Results | Chemo Friendly Foods | Overwhelming Support | Battling Bertha Part 2

Chemo Round One:  Kandas 1, Bertha 0 Round one of Chemo lasted almost 10 hours.  I felt great, a little bored and restless, but in good spirits for the most part.  I was given some pre-meds that included steroids, anti-nausea and antacid.  Then, Nurse Christie and team began the chemo drips. My cocktail includes Docetaxel, Carboplatin and Herceptin Docetaxel is synthesized to mimic the extract from the bark of the rare Pacific yew tree which natives used for centuries to […]

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Prologue | Breast Cancer | HMOs Suck | Treatment Choices | Battling Bertha

Prologue I don’t enjoy writing.  Seems silly to have a blog when one does not enjoy writing. Don’t get me wrong! I love the podcasts and video interviews we do each week!  I love disseminating great information for others to enjoy and use.  I love sharing my personal experiences as a business owner, entrepreneur, internet pioneer, network marketer, public speaker, Toastmaster, Girl Scout leader, archery instructor, and mother to a teenager.  I just don’t love writing about it! Well, now, […]

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