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What Paul Revere Can Teach Us about Personality

On the morning of April 18, 1775, a young stable boy in Boston overheard two British officers discussing something about “hell to pay tomorrow.”  The stable boy scurried off to the shop of Paul Revere, a silversmith by trade, and repeated his tale.  Further information was quietly gathered throughout the day corroborating the stable boys story. The British regulars were after a cache of hidden weapons in Concord, Massachusetts.   To sweeten the deal, they also planned to arrest John Hancock […]

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Send Personalized Custom Greeting Cards for $1.47 or less

Just this past week I received several Facebook messages from my SendOutCards clients that have really touched me.  I’d like to share just one, because it brought tears to my eyes: “I almost didn’t recognize my mom when she called yesterday…she couldn’t stop crying – tears of joy and wonderful memories. Sent her a card courtesy of Kandas and SendOutCards – of a picture of she and my father on their 50th wedding anniversary. Dad’s been gone 3 years now…seems […]

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Grow Your Photography Business with Greeting Cards

As a photographer, you might be missing out on repeat sales and referrals.  I can help! As an independent distributor for SendOutCards, I help professional photographers, like you, implement appreciation marketing strategies to grow your business.   The following are real-world examples of ways you can use SendOutCards in your photography business. The Perfect System for Photographers “A photographer that does weddings also can recommend the system to all his clients for thank you cards, wedding invitations, and announcements.  To […]

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Appreciation Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

“To be successful in Real Estate you need to two things, listings and referrals.” – Jim McCord In the video, Jim offers three ways he uses highly customized greeting cards in his own Real Estate business: He thanks his clients with a custom card and gift.  Send Out Cards has 100’s of gifts, including gourmet food and gift cards for top retailers. He notifies other agents when he lists a home. He reaches out to For Sale by Owners. This […]

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Linking with Love by Tanya Lavoie

Social Media Savvy by Tanya Lavoie Thanks, thankfulness, appreciation, gratefulness… How do these powerful words relate to social media? Social Media, seriously! Well think about it. We ‘SHARE’ our thoughts and ideas with each other. We ‘LIKE’ each other’s posts. We ‘PIN’ and ‘REPIN’ other businesses photos, and we ‘RETWEET’ other folk’s words on Twitter. Right? Most of these posts, re-pins, and retweets that we share every day are, for the most part, really cool, informative, fun, and educational… right? […]

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