How to Personally Sponsor 5 Distributors into Your Network Marketing Business in 4 Days

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Growing a network marketing business requires filling empty seats at a presentation.  Until they see a presentation, a person can not decide, yes or no, about an opportunity.  Yes is great.  No is good, too.  We are all taught that it is a funneling process!  The more seats you fill, the more decisions made. Recently, my …

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Sales Trainer Tom Hopkins Explains Why He Sends Thanksgiving Cards

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Tom Hopkins is a world-renowned sales trainer. He built his real estate business by sending 6 hand written greeting cards per year to his clients, and potential clients.  By doing so, he became the top producing real estate agent in the state of California. Today, Mr. Hopkins uses SendOutCards to automate his greeting card system …

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Finding Blog Post Inspiration | Hope, Strength & Courage, Pink Ribbon Bracelet | Battling Bertha 19 | #BlogBoost

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Today is day twelve of my 31 day Ultimate Blog Challenge. I feel like I have been pumping out the blog posts. At one point, I had two scheduled to post on their own, and on the proper day. While I have several epic posts brewing about aromatherapy, wigs and sex after breast cancer, I …

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