Top Three Reasons for Joining the Greeting Card & Gift Revolution | Coffee & Cards Conversation #43

Joy Brasington of shares her top three reasons for joining SendOuCards:



Jordan Adler, author of Beach Money

Jordan Adler, author of Beach Money, will share his reasons on April 26, 2014 in Houston, Texas.

Joy’s 3 Reasons:

  1. Splashpaks
  2. Treat’em Right Seminars
  3. Positive People

Join The Greeting Card and Gift Revolution

Jordan Adler, author of Beach Money, and he #1 earner in our company, will be in Houston, Texas on April 26, 2014 to share his reasons for leading the Greeting Card and Gift Revolution. I’d love for you to be my guest at this life changing event. Contact me for details.

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Sitting on The Corporate Couch with Dawn Mitchell | Coffee & Cards Conversations #42

Dawn Mitchell, founder of The Corporate Couch, is a motivational speaker and trainer who encourages an empowered workforce.



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How to Get Your Music Played by Radio Producers with Dick Schissler, Lonestar Internet Radio | Coffee & Cards Conversation #41

In episode 41 of Coffee & Cards Conversations, Dick Schissler, General Manager at Lonestar Internet Radio in Conroe, Texas explains the basic differences between podcasting and internet radio, how to host your own internet radio show, and how to get your music played by radio producers.



Get Your Music Played

The Rev card insideA 72 web

What’s Dick’s best tip for artists and bands who want their music considered for radio play?  Send the radio producer a greeting card!  Not just any greeting card.  A custom greeting card with three key ingredients:

  • Headshot
  • Note of Appreciation
  • QR Code to Download Song

SendOutCards makes creating these greeting cards easy!  Drag and drop technology, a robust contact manager, and card campaigns allow you to send the same card to just one radio producer or 5,000.

dick-schissler_300x214Connect with Dick Schissler

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Fitness Expert Lynda Davies on Spandex, British Chocolate & Kettlebells | Lucky Podcast #013 | Coffee & Cards Conversation #38

Confessions of a Coffee & Cards Conversationalist

When Lynda Davies & I sat down for Coffee & Cards Conversations, it wasn’t just to chat about spandex, British chocolate and kettlebells.  The real objective was to see just how many acronyms Lynda could use in 15 minutes!

Lynda Davies, Elite Fitness Training

Lynda Davies, Elite Fitness Training

Why ELITE Fitness Training, does that not limit your market?
ELITE is an acronym.  It stands for Everybody Loves the Individual Training Experience.

  • Everybody – from old to young, overweight, underweight, fit, or couch potato benefit from working with a personal trainer.
  • Loves
  • Individual – what you learn is for you as an individual. everyone’s plan is different, the time I spend with you is focused  on your goals and expectations.
  • Training – this is work I teach your mind and Train your body, it is not a walk in the park, except if that’s all you are capable of right now that is where we will start.
  • Experience –  when I train you, I do not just boss you around in my likable British voice I teach you about your body, and your lifestyles so that when our time together is through you can continue on the journey, and not undo all your accomplishments.

Explain the benefits of In Home Personal Training.
Time, Travel, Cost.

What new projects are you currently working on?
I am writing a book, based on a lifestyle plan I am developing.    My personal plan is 56 days to AWESOME, another acronym:

  • Attitude, you need the right one Before you start a lifestyle change be sure you are doing the right reasons, and know in your own mind that you will succeed.
  • Water, know how much to drink, and when. Learn if other drinks add or subtract from this total.
  • Exercise, know where, what when, and how much.
  • Sugar, know how to identify good and bad sugars. Understand the way the body processes the things you eat. Set a personal target for added sugar intake.
  • Oils learn about good fats and bed fat, and why I prefer olive oil, coconut oil, and butter, and I avoid canola oil, palm oil, and margarine.
  • Measurements, understand body composition , basal metabolic rate, available technology, set baseline measurements and use them to monitor progress.
  • Eating plans. Diets don’t work, if the did there would be no need for the Diet Industry. I will help you determine which eating options are right for you and help you develop a healthy lifestyle.

For you Kandas, I could work 56 days of GRATITUDE.

  • Goals – I will show you how to set SMARTER goals.
  • Rules – we will establish rules about sugars, oils and processed food.
  • Activity –  we will set the basic requirements for daily and weekly exercise
  • Timescales – we will establish the 8 week time frame and how it fits into your life plan.
  • Irrigation – Water supply, how much do you really need, do other drinks add or subtract from that total
  • Target – What are you aiming for, could be weight loss, fat loss muscle gain, how will you know you have reached them. Baseline and endpoint measurements.
  • Dairy- pros and cons of dairy consumption
  • Eating plan –  Will you DIET, ( do I eat this) or follow a conventional Atkins, Paleo, weight watchers etc program.  Will you move towards using more single ingredient foods and cooking from scratch and away from overly processed foods which may contain controversial ingredients whether listed on the label or not.  DIET, by the way, is an acronym for “Do I Eat This”?

How have you used SendOutCards to market your business?
I send cards to my clients on Birthday and Christmas or other special occasions.   I send thank you cars when they stop being my client.  I send random cards for accomplishment.  I have never sent a card to a prospective client yet, but who knows when I might need to do just that.

Lynda Davies Looks Good in Spandex, the Video

Connect with Lynda Davies
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Steve Schulz on Network Marketing, Money & Cheese Curds | Podcast 011


Meet a Network Marketing Legend

My guest today is a network marketing legend.  Twenty-three years ago Steve Schulz was a dead broke school teacher.  After consistently working his network marketing business for 3 to 5 hours per week for 3 years, both Steve and his wife Colleen, were able to leave their teaching jobs.  Steve shares the two things he did during those 3 to 5 hours.

Today, Steve is the President of Field Development for SendOutCards.  We sat down on a Thursday night in Houston, Texas to chat about network marketing, money and cheese curds.

Money is NOT the Root of All Evil

Steve shares his journey from teacher to multi-millionaire in his new book, “Yes, Sometimes It Is About the Money.”

“We can create more millionaires inside SendOutCards than any other program out there…  we’ve got the greatest product in network marketing.” – Steve Schulz


The Elusive Cheese Curd

Steve is from Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is known for cheese curds.  Despite my best efforts to draw it out of him, Steve would not divulge the secret of the elusive cheese curd.  He remains true to his Wisconsin roots.

Steve Schulz’s Book Shelf
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Spring Gifts Have Arrived!




Want to get a sneak peek at more upcoming new gifts? Check out Spring Gift Guide now. View the digital version HERE or head over to the SendOutCards Gift Shop to get physical copy for yourself! Happy sending!

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Cars and Cards are a Winning Combination for Ben Beeler | Podcast 005

“Time kills deals.” – Ben Beeler


Ben Beeler

Listen in as Ben Beeler, of Beeler Motorsports, takes us on the race track of his life, sharing his passion for motor racing, as well as, some unforeseen pit stops along the way. Find out how one greeting card changed his life, and meet the pit crew that kept him on track.

The founder of SendOutCards, Kody Bateman (aka Kody B.) often asserts that “you can be from Yale, or you can be from jail” and find success in network marketing.  Ben shares the choices he made that landed him in federal prison.  His powerful story is one of redemption and gratitude.

From Checkered Past to Checkered Flags

Kandas:  Sum up your business in three sentences or less.

Ben:  Beeler Motorsports is a full service high performance and racing shop, there is nothing we can’t or won’t do! Beeler Motorsports is also a auto dealership that sells used cars. We also can locate you specific vehicle of your dreams. there is no car that we cannot get! Soc Nation is our race team, which we use to spread our SendOutCards business to racers, race fans, tracks and marketing partners.

Kandas:  Why did you chose to start your business?

Ben:  I chose to start my auto dealership after working at car dealerships for over 10 years and only getting 30% of the money I made them. I chose to use SendOutCards as a business during the Detroit Treat’em Right Seminar in 2012 while listening to Kody B. speak.

2013-06-02 16.27.21

Kandas, Ben & Becky

Kandas:  Where do you find inspiration?

Ben:  My inspiration all comes from my heart. I’m doing the things I LOVE to do… I don’t know how else to really put it in words.

Kandas:  What makes you different from other people in your industry?

Ben:  I’m different from others in my industry due to my background and what I’ve went through in my life. In the past, I made lots of bad decisions that led me down a path that didn’t have good results. I’ve learned “the hard way” and have proved nothing can stop me when I want something. I know what it’s like to hurt in every area of your life all at the same time and that helps me relate to everyone no matter what their circumstances. I stand behind my work and I’m loyal.

Ben:  Juggling work and family is hard because I work so much, but it helps that my whole family and close friends are all involved with SendOutCards, and supporters and fans of our race team.   This involves everybody and considered family time, to me at least.  My wife might only agree with that sometimes.


Team SOC Nation

Kandas:   Share three tips you would give to people who are considering starting a business in your industry.

Ben:   #1 – start and NEVER quit. we all have slow and down times…. just don’t ever quit! #2 – “Time Kills Deals” is my motto…. I believe this statement to be true 99% of the time in ALL areas of life… #3 – go back to step # 1 and repeat.

Kandas:   How have you grown as a person since starting your company?

Ben:   Since starting my company, I’ve grown tremendously… personally, which has transpired more success into my businesses.

SOC Nation Car

SOC Nation Car

Kandas:  Who do you appreciate?

Ben:  I’m thankful for God most. Then my parents and sisters. They stuck by me when they probably shouldn’t have… and without them I would of never made it through the things I did. I’m also very thankful for my wife and kids. I’m very blessed to have a “HOT” wife that is fun and also keeps me in line. My kids are just amazing. I also appreciate Kody B. soooo much. He has helped me and had my back since the day we met. He also has helped give us a system to change this world, and I really love seeing this happen from the front row. I appreciate my racing team and marketing partners. Racing is a full time job in itself if you want to be successful.

Grateful Thoughts

Your actions, however small, can make a giant ripple in the pond of life. You might never know what effect your actions have … just keep tossing those pebbles of kindness and gratitude into your pond and watch your ripples grow.

Connect with Ben Beeler


Facebook: SOC Nation Racing

Watch Ben share more about his journey into and out of federal prison:

 Click here to send a greeting card and change someone’s life today!

Send Out Flowers for Valentine’s Day


I’ve been married now for about 16 years to a great guy.

My husband Shane is creative, and supportive, and he sucks at Valentine’s Day.

I gave up hoping years ago. Now, February 14th is just another day, and I schedule my day accordingly. I am perfectly okay with it. What he lacks in romance, he makes up for in encouragement.

Heck, he produces my podcasts and videos. He has spent hours creating the artwork, formatting the templates, researching and purchasing equipment. Turning me into a “star,” as he says, has become his hobby.

Why fret if he doesn’t send me flowers?

If he ever DID want to send me flowers, he can now use SendOutCards. Introducing the new SendOutCards Garden:


Valentine’s Day Centerpiece


Celebrate your love and appreciation with the handpicked Valentine’s Day Centerpiece. This lovely arrangement is the perfect accent for a romantic date or dinner party. Featuring beautiful heart lily grass, a red rose, pink hyacinth, two light pink roses, folded red and green ti, dark pink mini cym, and star of Bethlehem.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Twelve fresh strawberries, picked at the peak of ripeness, covered with a delicious layer of white and milk chocolate. The fine art of chocolate dipped strawberries has been brought to you on a silver platter.

Succulent Garden


Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the perfect gifts, like our beautiful Succulent Garden. Succulents are known for retaining water and easily adapt to arid climates and soil conditions. Our striking Succulent Garden is unique and can be given as a birthday, thank you or housewarming gift.

Pretty in Pink Bouquet


Pink roses are said to be the most delicate of all roses, with their elegant beauty there is no match to the Pretty in Pink Bouquet. Send this beautiful bouquet today and take someone’s breath away.

SendOutCards really is your one stop shop for cards, gifts and flowers!

Remember Valentines