Carol Trauthwein Does Mountains of Paperwork for Realtors | Coffee Cards and Conversations S2 E3

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Wi-Fi Work Around Well, things don’t always go as planned.  We have moved into our new home but won’t have internet service until January 17th. Last night I facilitated a mastermind using the Zoom app on my LG G4.  It made my phone so hot, I literally had to stick my phone and my head …

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How to Grow Your MLM Tribe with Relationship Marketing | Coffee, Cards and Conversations Season 2 Episode 1

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Coffee, Cards and Conversations, Season 2 Welcome to Season 2 of Coffee, Cards and Conversations! Season 1 ended in April of 2014 due to a breast cancer diagnosis.  After a short 3.5 year break from filming we are back with seven all new interviews with business professionals sharing how they use greeting cards in their relationship marketing strategy. …

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3 Icons in Real Estate Share Their Top Relationship Marketing Tips

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Creating a competitive edge is the key to standing out in a crowded market.  Real estate, especially in the Greater Houston, Texas area where I live, is an extremely crowded market.  There are 70,000 agents for 7 million residents.  Relationship marketing is your competitive edge. Using relationship marketing principles, Jim McCord took his average transaction from …

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