V016 How We’ve Managed to Work Together AND Stay Married with Shane Rodarte

My husband, Shane, and I have owned an online custom furniture business for 15 years.   Shane recently announced he is retiring after 28 years as a full-time furniture maker.  In 1999, we launched one of the first privately-owned custom furniture websites in the history of the internet.   This video is about Shane’s past, present and future.  We also reveal how we’ve managed to work together for so long without killing each other:



And for chuckles here is an outtake from the video shoot:



Shane and Kandas JPGConnect with Shane Rodarte

Commission one of the last works of custom furniture ever made by Shane Rodarte:   http://ShaKaStudios.com 

Shane’s Blog:   http://ShaneRodarte.com

V014 Skills to Increase Sales: Improv and Public Speaking with Javier Florez

“If you are a person who can get your message across, then you are a person of influence.” – Javier Florez, Public Relations Officer, District 56, Toastmasters International



Improvisation is an essential skill in sales, allowing you to think on your feet and respond quickly to objections. As cookie selling season is just around the corner in Southeast Texas, I asked Javier Flores, an accomplished professional improv actor and the current Public Relations Officer for District 56, Toastmasters International, to present a short improv workshop for my teen Girl Scout troop. It was great fun and educational.

Impronto girl scouts B

Improv Workshop with Javier Florez

After the workshop, I sat down with Javier for an imprompu interview on how improv and Toastmasters benefit business owners.

Improv teaches you to deliver your message effectively in any situation.

Toastmasters is a self-paced self-improvement vehicle that teaches effective communication and leadership – it’s a great fit for any business owner.