I’m resurrecting Caturday Saturday.

Last January (2015), I thought it would be cute to post images of Shade, our new #fluffykitty as he acclimated to his new surroundings and housemates, Cashmere and Muffy. Alas, Caturday Saturday only lasted three weeks in 2015. We shall see how long it lasts this time.

Shade is a never-ending source of entertainment.  He deserves his own blog.  He also thinks he is a dog.

Cashmere passed over the “rainbow bridge” earlier this year.  She was 18 years old. She came into my life as a kitten, part of the package deal when I married Shane.  It’s been a little rough adjusting to not having her around.

Muffy, a.k.a. #GeriatricDog, loves Shade.  They play together, sleep together, and eat together.  Muffy will often take food out of her bowl and leave it on the floor for Shade.  It’s highly entertaining to watch their daily antics.

I often post candid images of Muffy and Shade on Instagram.  You should follow me.  I post relationship marketing tips, and doses of inspiration, too.

Enjoy today’s Caturday Saturday collage:

"Hey Mom! Shade stuck his tail in my eye and now he's bored!"

“Hey Mom! Shade stuck his tail in my eye and now he’s bored!”



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