Okay, so here’s how it is… I run three blogs:  Gratitude Geek (you are here), Handmade in Texas (stories about art and artists in Texas) , and ShaKa Studios (my husband and I own and operate a custom furniture business).

Today is day 7 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, creating 30 blog posts in 30 days.

I run 2 businesses.  Every third week I am down for the count from chemotherapy.  I sleep 10 to 12 hours each day due to fatigue (one of many chemo side effects).

Is this considered cheating?

Time is precious to me.  I am going to count posts on any of my 3 blogs towards the challenge.

If this is cheating, so be it.

I posted an interview with Jordan Park and Anna Moon of Gaia Body Works over at Handmade in Texas this morning.  Go read it. . .  and please leave a comment over there.  That would be super groovy, awesome and delicious.

If you really MUST comment here, then answer this question:  Have you ever cheated?  Do tell. 



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