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Please, don’t be sad, or angry, for me.  This is just another chapter in my story.

On my last PET scan, a small nodule in my lung, that has been there for over a year, showed up bigger and “hotter.”  Even though it is very small, less than half a centimeter, we opted to have it biopsied based on the aggressiveness of the type of breast cancer (70% HER2+, 99% ER+, PR-).

The lung biopsy experience deserves a video, or at least its’ own blog post, so I will save those details for later.

Turns out 16 months of surgery, radiation, hormone therapy, and chemo did not work.

Bertha left some trash in the upper left lobe of my lungs.  There is also a smaller node in my right lung that could not be biopsied.  Yes, this means it is now stage 4 breast cancer.

Determined to win this round with style, grace and a positive attitude, I visited Aphrodite Salon and Spa, a patient perk at Apollo Hospital.  Lauren preemptively shaved my head, and Shenita pampered my feet.

Pedicure from Aphrodite Salon and Spa at Apollo Hospital
Pedicure from Aphrodite Salon and Spa at Apollo Hospital

With my sassy blue toes and a smile on my face, I began a more aggressive chemotherapy protocol on September 18th. This protocol includes Abraxane, Perjeta and Herceptin, every three weeks, until the nodules are gone.

I will share more when I am ready.

Again, this is just another chapter in my story.  Don’t be sad, or angry.  I am a fighter and I am winning this battle.

All is well,

PS – I came across a very interesting article in Time Magazine about rethinking current breast cancer treatment protocols.  While the alternatives discussed do not apply to me because of the aggressive nature of Bertha, there is much thought provoking information. Take a look



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