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Thank you for your prayers and healing energy.  Many of you have asked how else you can help my family during this time, and now we have a need.

Battling Bertha has been a financial drain on my family, and belt-tightening is no longer enough to pay the bills.

As many of you know, my husband, Shane, and daughter, Dorothy, are both wonderful artists.  They have decided to combine their talent and creativity and launch S&D Graphics to generate some much-needed additional income.

S&D Custom Graphic Design

S&D Graphics offers custom graphic design including hand-drawn caricatures, logos, t-shirts, and greeting card art and branding to use with your SendOutCards account (wink, wink).

Shane and Dorothy need your help.  They’d like three victims, er, volunteers, to take the plunge and be their first 3 customers to help broaden their portfolio.  Examples of cost:

  • $25 for one simple caricature, $20 for additional simple caricatures on the same page
  • $50 for simple logo design

For more information, visit S & D Graphic Design on Facebook.

S & D Graphics | Custom greeting cards, t-shirts, logos and more.
S & D Graphics | Custom greeting cards, t-shirts, logos and more.



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