David Bowie, A Marketing Genius


Last night, my 17-year-old daughter, D, came out of hiding from her room to tell me David Bowie died from liver cancer.

That emptiness you feel after a profound loss.  I’m feeling it.

David Bowie performed a majority of the musical score of my teen years. Much like my daughter, I hid in my room as a teen, listening to “Modern Love”, “Heroes“, and “Let’s Dance” on repeat in the CD player.

D is also a David Bowie fan. Not because of his music, but because of his role in the movie Labyrinth.

David Bowie Remains Relevant

Bowie’s 1974 appearance on the Dick Cavett Show is available on Hulu. You should go watch it.

Bowie gives a riveting, toe-tapping performance of “Young Americans” (well, alright.) In the interview, Cavett remarks that Bowie is constantly changing and adapting. Bowie’s response?

“Well it’s what you want, really, isn’t it? And what do you think on that?”

David Bowie was a marketing genius.

“I glit from one thing to another. . . It’s like flit, but the 70s version.” – David Bowie to Dick Cavett, 1974

“Glitting,” in a calculated way, is exactly what you need to do to compete in online marketing.  Adapting to change keeps you relevant.

David Bowie was relevant for half a century.  Not many artists, or businesses, can say the same.

Enjoy this iconic Bowie performance of “Rebel, Rebel” from Live Aid in 1985.

The soundtrack of my life will never be the same.



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