Interview: Diane Long of D’s Stitcheree

Diane Long
Diane Long, owner of D’s Stitcheree in Surprise, Arizona

Diane Long, owner of D’s Stitcheree in Surprise, Arizona offers some candid advise based on her 20 years of home-based business experience.

MG:  Tell us how you got started?

DL:  I started D’s Stitcheree in 1992 after my children were grown. My oldest son was in the Marines, my youngest son was a Junior in High School. I had always wanted to own my own business. Owning an Embroidery business just came at the right time. I was working a full time job outside my home. Now I was able to be home when my son got home from school, do a job that I loved AND make money at it.

MG:  What advise would you give a woman looking to start a home based business?

DS:  Learn as much as you can about the business you want to start then have faith that you can do it AND… ALWAYS keep your business money and personal money seperate. Also, surround yourself with other women business owners even if they are not in your business. We need to be a support for each other. Like I don’t know what I would have done without you all over the years.

Dogs Rule Embroidered Tote Bag
Dogs Rule Embroidered Tote Bag by D’s Stitcheree

MG:  What would you have done differently?

DL:   Things I would have done differently: I would have paid into disability and set up a retirement account. I never gave any thought to the future and here I am, 20 years later, 60 years old and NO retirement. I have paid into Social Security but we all know how that is going.

NOTE: are 7 women business owners who have offered moral support to each other for over a decade and business advise to other women looking to create a work-at-home business.  



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