Way to Disturb the Universe, Monica Lewinsky

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People often disturb the universe unintentionally.

Monica Lewinsky did not wake up one morning and say “Hey, today is the day I’m going to tell the entire world about the affair I am having with a married man who just happens to be the President of the United States.”

In fact, if it had been up to Monica, the sordid details of her private life would have remained, well, private. Her universe, and the entire world, it seemed, were quite disturbed.

Monica Lewinsky was the first victim of the dark side of the internet. Now, she is using her notoriety as the first person to be publicly shamed online to disturb the universe intentionally.

I was mesmerized by her talk to the Forbes Under 30 Summit.

Monica Lewinsky disturbs the universe at Forbes under 30 Summit. Click To Tweet

Way to turn your life around, Monica.  You go girl!



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