Don’t Let Naysayers Jellybean on Your Dream


Reconnected and Ready to Rock

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have Wi-Fi!  After 2 weeks feeling completely disconnected from the world we finally have Wi-Fi in our home.  I still have boxes everywhere and am not sure where half of my stuff is, but I’m ready to rock my business.  How about you?

Wednesdays are scheduled for Coffee, Cards and Conversations but I am going to postpone today’s episode until next week.  You see, as soon as I hooked up my laptop to our new Wi-Fi, I felt prompted to record the following video.

Don’t Let Naysayers Jellybean on Your Dream

20 years ago by husband and I launched an online custom furniture business. When we asked for advice managing cash flow, a business adviser at that SBDC (Small Business Development Center) told me to get to job. If I had listened to her, we would not have experienced the phenomenal success that we did.

Based on that experience, and many years of struggling to block out the naysayers, I created Growth through Gratitude Business Mastermind Groups that focus on connection, gratitude and inspired action. A mastermind group is a great tool to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.

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