I Don’t Want to Inspire You


I spent today in Houston with about 100 other entrepreneurs at Promptings Academy, a relationship marketing and personal development seminar.  My daughter is about to head off to college, so I brought her along in hopes that she would pick up a few tips to help her navigate her first semester away from home.

This is the 4th Promptings Academy I’ve attended.  Each time, I learn something new, identify a new goal.  This time I had a paradigm shifting epiphany.  You see, people tell me all the time how much I inspire them.  I don’t like it.  It makes me uncomfortable.  Until today, I did not know why.

Shiny New Tennis Ball

During every Promptings Academy, keynote speaker, Kody Bateman, shares the story of his two dogs, Gus and Ruger.  Both dogs loved to play catch.  Gus would anticipate the ball being thrown and take off running before the ball left Kody’s hand then chasing after the ball as it rolled on the ground. Ruger kept his eye on the ball, staying under it, so he could catch it in his mouth.

Tennis balls in this story are like dreams.  Gus chased after his dreams.  Ruger got up under them, and let them come to him.

After Kody tells this story, he always throws a few tennis balls out to the audience to inspire us to reach for our dreams.  Today, I wanted one of those shiny new tennis balls.  So, as soon as the music queued and before Kody could toss out his first ball, I walked up to the stage and looked him straight in the eye as he dropped a ball right into my awaiting hands.  I did this so that my daughter would see that if she wants something, all she needs to do is ask.

I Am Statements

The next exercise was to write out a list of I Am statements, or affirmations.  I jotted down several variations of the same statement until I came up with:

“I am showing my daughter how to get up under her dreams and let them come to her, by getting up under mine.”

When I shared this, the audience clapped and cheered.  Kody hugged me.  But then, that uncomfortable feeling started again.  I don’t want to inspire people to clap for me.  I want to inspire people to take action.  I want people to tell me that because of me, they got up under their dreams and their dreams fell effortlessly into their awaiting hands.

So, I released that uncomfortable feeling that comes from being told I am an inspiration, and wrote these words:

“I am a catalyst for inspired action.”

This is my purpose, to inspire YOU, and everyone I meet, to take action.  Someday is today.  Take action.  Don’t chase your dreams, get up under them, and let them come to you.

"I am a catalyst for inspired action." - Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte
“I am a catalyst for inspired action.” – Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte



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