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I love the holidays because I’m in the greeting card and gift business!   It’s my busiest time of year!   A lot of folks like to shut down their businesses during the holidays.  I rock mine.

Phil Robbins, Ben Fitts, Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte at MLM Mastermind 8
Phil Robbins, Ben Fitts, Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte at MLM Mastermind 8

Speaking of Rockin’…  Sarah Robbins is a network marketing leader for a skin care company.  I enjoy reading her blogs and watching her videos because she is authentic.  She’s also a powerhouse in a petite body.  I heard her live at the MLM Mastermind 8 in 2012.   In fact, I had lunch with her husband, Phil.   Today, Sarah posted Put Some Jingle in Your Pocket  – Network Marketing Holiday Training to promote her upcoming webinar on the subject.  It’s a good read and I bet the webinar, which is open to anyone in any company, will be fantastic.

Money, Money, Money

Now, let’s chat about creating cash with greeting cards and gifts.

It’s all about having a plan, and rockin’ your plan.

1.  Make a list of everyone who sent you a holiday card last year.

2.  Create a Thanksgiving Card Campaign and send it to your list from Step 1 before November 20th.

3.  Watch the new 12 minute SendOutCards Business Presentation video.

4.  Schedule events.  Invite friends over to your house for “Caramels & Cards” and show the video!



5.    Plug into the webinars and live events your upline and crossline are hosting.  See a partial list here:  http://momgeek.com/holiday-soc-tutorials/

6.   Order the new Holiday Gift Guides.   Share them with the gift givers you know.

7.  Follow up with the folks from Step 1 and invite them to use the system you use to send holiday cards because it is simple and it saves TIME and MONEY.    Everyone wants to save time and money.

8.  Buy from yourself.  Give gifts from your own gift shop.  It’s easy and you don’t have to go to the mall.  Plus, you’ll have access to Black Friday specials on November 29th.  Click and ship, baby!

9.  Say it loud and proud.  Now is not the time to be a secret business owner.   You have a better way to send cards and gifts.  Tell everyone you know.

Have fun spending your extra cash!!





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