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Yesterday was my 45th birthday.  I’ve spent the past 8 months battling Bertha. The fight is almost over.  Make no mistake, I have already won.  Today, is the second day of the best year of my life!

Fun Friday Photo

When she arrived home from school, my teen daughter hid away in her bedroom.  At one point she calls out “What’s your favorite color?”

“Blue,” I answered.

About 15 minutes she calls out again:  “How old are you?”

“Forty five.”

Then, a Facebook notification informed me that my daughter had posted an image to my wall.  She is a digital artist, spending hours creating amazing art.  Here is the piece she furiously created in 30 minutes after school yesterday:

Copyright 2015 Dorothy Rodarte.  All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2015 Dorothy Rodarte. All Rights Reserved.

Yup, that’s a great start to a fantabulous year!

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