September offers up some great fun holidays for card senders.

September is Self-Improvement Month. Personal Coaches, send your clients a custom greeting card with your top 10 self-improvement tips.

September is also Better Breakfast Month.  Health and fitness experts, send your clients a card with your favorite breakfast recipes.

Fun Holidays September 2015 Edition

September 6 is Fight Procrastination Day.  If you procrastinate, you better send that card now!

September 7 is Labor Day.  Employers this is a great time to shower your employees with appreciation.

September 10 is Swap Ideas Day.

September 11 is 9/11 Remembrance Day.  Send cards of appreciation to your local firefighters and police officers.

September 13 is National Grandparents Day.

September 13 is also National Pet Memorial Day, a great time to thank your veterinarian.

And September 13 is also Positive Thinking Day.

September 13 to 15 is Rosh Hashanah.

September 20 is National Women’s Friendship Day.

Click to Send this Card in honor of Women's Friendship Day

Click to Send this Card in honor of Women’s Friendship Day

September 21 is International Peace Day.

September 21 is also World Gratitude Day.  What better day to thank your co-workers, clients, friends and family for all that they do?

September 22 is Business Women’s Day.

September 28 is National Good Neighbor Day.

Click to Send a Card Today

Click to Send a Card Today

For more Fun Holidays view my September 2014 Reasons to Send Cards and Gifts compilation.



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