Gifts from my Grandmother


My grandmother, Louise Hartley Stone, was an artist and musician.  Her watercolor paintings and sculptures grace homes around the globe.  Her grandchildren called her Maynard, a moniker she received after a mispronunciation of grandma by her first grandchild, Joe.

When I was just a wee lass, 9 years old, Maynard came to visit from her home in California.  My family lived in the town of Gig Harbor, Washington.  It was, and remains, a quaint little tourist town on the Puget Sound with lots of little gift shops.

Maynard and I were walking down a flight of stairs in one of the little gift shops when I spotted a couple of very small paintings on the wall.  I asked her why people don’t give little pictures as gifts, or something to that effect.  I don’t remember her answer.

I do remember opening a package from Maynard on my 10th birthday and finding two paintings of Gig Harbor inside. One painting depicted boats on the harbor, and the other, the Narrows Bridge.  They had brown resin frames.  Both are signed “Maynard 1980.”

Those paintings now hang in my kitchen.  Recently, one of the brown resin frames broke, as things will do after 37 years.  My husband surprised me today be replacing the frames, so I thought I’d share the paintings with you!  Enjoy!

Painting of Gig Harbor by Louise Hartley Stone
Painting of Gig Harbor by Louise Hartley Stone signed “Maynard 1980”




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