Synchronized Holiday Lights and Giving Up on Cancer Treatment | Monday Morning Rant

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Ah crap.  I feel a rant coming on….

This morning two separate but equally disturbing tidbits made the hair on the back of my neck stand up: synchronized holiday lights and a fellow breast cancer warrior giving up on treatment because she can no longer afford it.

What Do Synchronized Lights Have to Do with Christmas?

What do synchronized holiday lights have to do with the spirit of Christmas?
What do synchronized holiday lights have to do with the spirit of Christmas?

Seriously…  there is a major television network encouraging people to send in videos of their homes decked out with synchronized lights.


I thought that Christmas was the season of giving.

When did it become such a commercialized hot mess that people go out and spend thousands of dollars and countless hours putting lights and timers on their homes to impress whom?  Surely not their neighbors because if anything, it would annoy their neighbors.

My husband, a professional custom furniture maker,  is currently building a memorial chest for the mother of a 21-year solider killed in Afghanistan 2 years ago.   He has built a few of these memorial chests now, never charging more than the cost of the materials.  Why would we want to capitalize on a mother’s grief?

I’m sure Mary, the mother of Jesus, feels the same way about her son’s birthday.

I told you I was going to rant…  but wait…  there’s more!

Giving Up on Breast Cancer Treatment

And then…  just a few minutes ago, I read a Facebook post from a fellow Breast Cancer warrior stating that she is giving up on treatment beginning January 1 because she can no longer afford her insurance and co-pays.

She is self-employed.  Her insurance bill is $600 per month and her deductible is $6500.   She simply can not afford to continue with treatment.

I have so many things I want to say about this and none of them are nice.

This should NOT be happening in the United States of America.  Period.

YO!  TV SHOW that is sponsoring the stupid synchronized lights contest…  how about you sponsor a woman with breast cancer who can’t afford her treatment, instead?

Rant over.



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