Grow Your Photography Business with Greeting Cards

Relationship Marketing

As a photographer, you might be missing out on repeat sales and referrals.  I can help!

As an independent distributor for SendOutCards, I help professional photographers, like you, implement appreciation marketing strategies to grow your business.   The following are real-world examples of ways you can use SendOutCards in your photography business.

The Perfect System for Photographers

“A photographer that does weddings also can recommend the system to all his clients for thank you cards, wedding invitations, and announcements.  To me, this is the perfect system for a photographer.   Take some photos from the photo session, and show the client how easy it is to make and send their own photo cards.  Then set the client up with an account, then they get paid over and over on the same photos.  I like to use photos from my photographer (who sells them on disk ) to create fun things. I span the photos inside the cards, and they come out great, but also use them for metal prints and things like that.”

– Diane Walker, SendOutCards Distributor

Ensure Future Wedding Bookings

“Take pics of the bridesmaids and then send them a card with their amazing portrait on the front and tell them on the inside how nice it was to meet them and that they made the day so special and how lucky the bride was to have her by their side.  One photographer in my downline does this and he gets more booking from bridesmaids for their own weddings.  SendOutCards is also GREAT for makeup artists! ”

Sandy Gerstein, SendOutCards Distributor 

Add-on Sales

“In my other life I am a Certified Profession Photographer and we are all picky about our color and digital files. Some more than less, and some have a better vision about it than others. You’ll have to stress to them that although they may see a print as a bit to cyan or whatnot, the client does not have that refined of an eye to notice.  It could make some really nice add-on sales though, and I love using it for that too.

“I got involved in SendOutCards at first to support my photo business, and I received great feedback and referrals from using SendOutCards to spoil my clients.  It’s about being creative with what we offer and wrapping it up into their current business.   Since photographers are generally creative people, the possibilities should be vast.”

 – Richard Chapman, II, Certified Professional Photographer and SendOutCards Distributor

So Much More

Tom Schmidt, Redding, California based photographer offers these SendOutCards solutions for photographers:

  • Start a Kids Club – automatically send a birthday card a couple weeks before the birthday with a special offer for annual pictures.
  • Create Senior Graduation Cards and thank you notes.
  • Holiday Photo Cards
  • Studio session thank you notes
  • Studio bids and follow up
  • Welcome new neighbors
  • Newborn Announcement Cards
  • Niche offers like glamour sessions

“If I had only one tool to grow my photography business it would be SendOutCards.”

– Tom Schmidt, Fine Photos

Photographers visit my SendOutCards website today, watch the video and then click the “Send a FREE Card” button to test drive the system and unleash the possibilities.

Kandas Rodarte is an Independent Senior Marketing Distributor with SendOutCards.



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