Kandas and Shane Rodarte

Hello, It’s Me, Again


Hey there!

My name is Kandas and I’m an intermittent blogger with great intentions and low expectations.

I have blogged on and off for almost 2 decades now. Mostly business related because first and foremost I co-own a micro business with my husband, Shane.

Shane is the dapper dude in the featured photo. We took that photo last night at the 2nd Annual Couture for the Cause of Montgomery County, Texas. All of the models have had their lives affected in some way by cancer, most are survivors themselves. I served as the model chair for this fantastic gala and I cannot wait to tell you all about it, but I want to wait until I have more photos to share!

30 Posts in 31 Days

I am jumping in to yet another Ultimate Blog Challenge today with the intention of posting 31 times during the month of April 2017.  And….  since today is the 2nd.  I have already failed that goal.  30 times.  I shall post 30 times.  I did mention low expectations earlier.

In addition to sharing about the gala, I might also blog about:

I also blog at:

To members of the UBC community:  I am looking forward to reading some fantastic posts from many of you this month.  Now let’s get blogging!



2 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Me, Again”

  1. I have always failed to complete all the tasks. I keep trying and learn a lot each time though. Good luck this time. One day late? At least you can catch up. Missing a few days is almost impossible to catch up. Keep on keeping on.

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