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When I logged into Facebook this morning I saw three, count them three, posts lined-up vertically, on my wall about the power of “I Am” statements.

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of attending the Master Relationship Marketing Seminar in Houston, Texas. A portion of the Saturday afternoon session was spent on the topic of affirmations, or “I Am” statements.

So, what is an “I am” statement?

An “I am” statement is an affirmation, stated in the present tense, that defines the best of who you are and what you do.

They are very powerful.  I shared an affirmation that changed my life earlier this year.

I captured the following video during the Houston MRM of my dear friend and business partner, Laurie Jimemez, reading “I am” statements examples from the MRM workbook. She is interrupted by seminar keynote speaker and trainer, Kody Bateman, creator of the MRM Seminar.

I Am Statements Examples for Abundance and Prosperity

I am ever blessed with divine rights of abundance and prosperity.

I am the light upon with call blessings flow.
I bring blessings and goodwill to all that I come in contact with.

I am the source of acceptance.

I am my own greatest blessing.

I bring the “cool” with me.

Send Out “I Am” Statements

A few years ago I started sending myself “I Am” statements in the mail.  The statements are typed into a greeting card that I can easily carry in my purse so I have them with me at all times.

If you’d like to try this exercise for yourself, click the card below, then click the green “Edit and Send Free Card” button, type your affirmations inside the card and the click the blue “Continue” button and follow the prompts.  The card is completely free, on me, for new customers.

Click to send yourself this "I Am" greeting card for wealthy and abundance.  Simply type your I am statements inside the card and click the send button.
Click to send yourself this “I Am” greeting card for wealth in abundance. Simply type your I am statements inside the card and click the send button.



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