7 Moms Share How They Juggle Work and Family


Running a business is hard enough. Throw parenting into the mix and things can get hectic.

So, I asked a group of successful mompreneurs who belong to Connecting Conroe Business Women, the networking group I facilitate, to weigh in on the big question:  HOw do you juggle work and family?

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How to Juggle Work and Family

Each mompreneur had a different twist in their answer.  Which leads me to believe and every mom, and every family, is different, and different solutions work.

I don’t. Even though neither of my kids live at home I will always respond if their number comes up on the caller ID. Same with the hubby, because they would never call during normal business hours if it wasn’t important to them. For less important things they text ” call me asap” and I do.

No matter what I am doing the needs of the 3 most important people in my life are my top priority.

Clients come next.

Then me.

I will even schedule time for my workout in the calendar, to make myself a higher priority. – Lynda Davies, Fit2BAwesome, LLC

Personal connection is one of my top core values and that carries over into my family life as well. I am a former empty nester. Former because our daughter moved back in with us to do her nursing program. We email and text throughout the day and I intentionally make time for ‘focused’ moments with them. It may be 5 minutes or more but daily contact of some sort to check on them is very important to me. Being an adult, my daughter mostly just needs ‘sounding board’ and advisory times with me. One thing that has always kept us sane during stressful times is lots of laughter together! – Monica League, Massage Therapist and Radio Personality

I try to set work power hour times in 15 minute increments (one hour is too long). So I’ll tell the kids- I’m working Jamberry for just 15 minutes and try to give them something else to do during that time. I also like going to chick fila where there’s an enclosed glass play area where I can watch the kids and work on jamberry. My girls also help me some since they are my little business partners & it’s easier now that my first set of twins are older. It can be hectic & overwhelming to juggle work & family. 🙂 – Suzy Snow, Jamberry

For me my work schedule is ever changing. The more of a routine we have at home, the easier it is to manage running the household and the kids’ schedules. Of course, there will always be the occasional rescheduling of family events due to work demands. The key is working as a team; my Husband and two teenage daughters work with me as a team to help the home life run smoothly; everyone contributes and participates to make it work out. It’s important to be flexible, and good to show your kids routine, but to accept those unexpected situations and to be able to adapt and overcome. Family = team effort =) – Michelle Dixon, Real Estate Professional

Since I work from home I get up before the kids and work and then work off and on depending on their needs after they get up. – Amber Munos, Paparazzi

I set a timer for myself and the kids. I have 4 kids (10, 8, 4, and 9 months) and when the timer is going Mommy works uninterrupted for that time and when the timer goes off, I walk away from my work. It works most of the time and it makes that time super focused and intentional for me. – Callie Wardell, DoTerra Wellness Advocate

My kids are older (20,19,16 and 12) so they have chores around the house to do and my husband actually does a lot of the housework too. I get a lot of work done while they are sleeping in when not in school or while they are at school. I sometimes get them to help me out buy carrying heavy boxes or such. I plan a menu for the week so I know if I need to get any meat out for dinner in the morning and also love cooking with a crockpot /slow cooker for dinners. My business stuff is pretty flexible and I’ve done things from my phone while out with the family. – Kelli Ward, the ecom mom

So, what about you? How do YOU juggle work and family?



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  1. Hi Kandas

    Good tips from the moms. I want to contribute what worked for me too.

    Since my son was four years old, I always read with him in bed.

    The only time we can spend quality time together is bedtime as I am really busy during the day.

    We encourage taking turns as he got older. So it goes like this, I read a sentence, and he then reads a sentence. This progressed to reading pages in turns as well. It helped his reading skills tremendously, which is a bonus.
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