July Recognition Holidays | 12 Great Reasons to Send a Greeting Card and Gift in July

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pursuitofhappinesscardCelebrate Independence

In the USA, Independence Day stands out as the big July holiday!

Independence, like many abstract concepts, means different things to different people.  To me, independence means freedom to make choices.  I choose to be an entrepreneur, and I am grateful to live in a global economy that allows me to have an international business from the comfort of my home.



On July 4th we celebrate our freedom.  Colonialism is so far in the past that freedom has also taken on a new meaning.  I’d love to hear what freedom means to you!  Leave a comment below with your definition of freedom.

11 Additional July Card and Gift Holidays

July 1 is Canada Day.  Show some love to our neighbors to the north.

July 5 in National Workaholics Day.  Remind the workaholic in your life that true happiness can not be purchased.

July 6 though 12  is National Farriers Week.  I know a few folks in the local area with horses.  Why not send your farrier a card?



happy4theaglecardJuly 16 in National Personal Chef Day.  My favorite personal chef is Tanya Furtado.  You should check her business, Edible Love.

July 20 through 26 is National Zoo Keeper Week.

July 20 through 26 is National Independent Retailers Week.  Those “mom and pop shops” out there are owned an operated by some amazing people.  Send them an card of encouragement to let them know their hard work is worth it!


celebrate-freedom-cardJuly 22 in National Rat-catcher’s Day.

July 25 is Culinarian’s Day.

July 25 is also System Administrator Appreciation Day.  Send your favorite geek a card!!   I love geeks!

July 27 is Parent’s Day.  Mom and Dad deserve a note of thanks.

July is also Social Wellness Month.  Celebrate the folks who support a healthy lifestyle in the workplace.

There you have it!  Twelve amazing reasons to send a card and gift in July!

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