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Last month my daughter turned 16.

Most girls her age want cars, or the latest iPhone, for their 16th birthday.

Not my daughter.

The only thing my daughter wanted for her 16th birthday was a fluffy kitty. She was rather specific. Not only did the kitty need to be fluffy, the kitty must also be black.

My husband, Shane, and I were a bit concerned about adding a new kitty to the household.  You see we already have two geriatric pets.  A Siamese named Cashmere who is eighteen.  Yes, the cat is older than the kid.  We also have an Aussie/terrier mix named Muffy who is about 9 years old.  How would either of them react to a kitten?

We decided to take the risk and check out kitties at the local shelter.

My daughter is very thoughtful.  It takes her a long time to make a decision.  However, when she does, it is usually a good one.

We spent hours at the shelter.  We pet a lot of kitties.  Finally, we settled on a fluffy black 6 month old male the shelter had named Khadgar.  Khadgar just didn’t work for us, so we decided to change his name.

Again, my daughter takes a long time to make a decision.

About a week after we brought him home, the fluffy kitty was named Shade.

Lesson in Shading

Shade is a great cat.  Playful.  Friendly.  Even the dog likes him.  Cashmere, not so much, but I think she is warming up to him.  I may just need to devote an entire series of posts to his antics.  Caturday has a nice ring to it.

Here’s a video of Shane teaching Shade how to draw.  Or is it the other way?

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